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2007 E.








1. The house of people representatives and the state council are
A. Executive body C. Legislative body
B. Judiciary D. Ministers
2. Which one is not the common characteristics of unlimited government
A. Individuals right is not protected
B. There is not political and Economical freedom
C. Political power is in the hand of the people
D. There is not independent Judiciary
3. The consequence of breakdown of rule of law
A. Violation of human rights C. Violation of democratic rights
B. Rise of corruption D. all are answers
4. Which one of the following is true about the ruling system of Haile Selase

and Derg.
A. They were exercise the rule of law
B. They were repressive leader
C. They were democratic leader
D. They were accountable and Transparency
5. The independence of Judge means
A. Free from any kind of influence
B. Not directed by law
C. Do not have responsibility during decision
D. No answer

6. Accepting all cultural groups as equal and giving equal opportunities for

their development means
A. Semi culturalism C. anti culturalism
Civics and Ethical Education

What show is it? A.E. A. A. Not affect the prevalence of rule of law D. Judiciary body 8. The basic functions of the constitution are A. In which government system all power is in the hands of central government A. unitary B. Among the following one is not the cause of corruption social and economic problem. Confederal D. Limiting the power of officials C. Live peacefully with her friend Aleweya. Prime minister D. It causes lack of faith and disregard for the law 9. It affects economic growth and reduces the social services C. Autocracy 12. C.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION B. she has Muslim friend Aleweya. Entering marriage with free and full consent D. un fair communication 11. House of Federation B. Equal rights of women during marriage and the time divorce. Who is the head of the Executive branches in federal republic of Ethiopia? A. B. 2007 E. Avoiding customary and cultural practices affecting the right to equality of women. All are answers Civics and Ethical Education O. Not recognize equality D. Stating the obligation of citizens D.B . none of the above 7. President C. Federal C. Tolerance of diversity B. Feven is Christian. She respect and appreciate her friend religion. All are answers 10. Protecting the right of the citizens B. It create in equality among citizens B. Discrimination against religion C. Multi culturalism D. Gender equality ensure the right of women in the federal constitution of Ethiopia means.

Violation of law D. 1933 B. 2007 E. All are answers 20. A. A. It secures self government right of people B. Indirect democracy C. Corrective justice C. Supreme power of the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia government. 1948 B. 1955 D. In large and complex societies which the people cannot assemble. 1966 D. It provide security to the people B. Except C others are correct 17. As a citizens we should stand guard for our countries what we say this? A. A and C are answers 15. We elect our representative. This refer A. Ministry of justice D. Direct democracy D. Regulate relationships among people and government D.E. A and C are answers 16. Equality of benefits and burdens is categorized under A. representative democracy B. prime-minister 14. court justice 18.B . Not to work together on equal basis for their common good. When the United Nations did adopted universal declaration of human rights. Council of ministers C. It limits the power and authority of the federal and regional government C. The second revised constitution was written A. The purposes and functions of the rule of law are A. House of people representative B. Protects human and democratic rights of citizens C. 1995 19. patriotism B. Rule of law C. A. sovereign authority of the people B. 1979 Civics and Ethical Education O. Socialism D. What are the benefit of power distribution in federal system A.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION 13. 1976 C. D. procedural justice B. chauvinism 21. 1987 C. What we exercise when every member of society observe all laws formulated and implemented in a country. Communism C. Distributive justice D.

What organ of the government? A. Wrong doing of government officials or employees D. Which of the following does not explain the meaning of fairness A. Paying tax D. Treating all citizens equally B. Legal equality D. Discriminating among people right D. The Executive body C. the legislative body B. Which statements refer equality of burden? A. All are answers 23.B . Treating people equally D. Who has responsible for interpreting the laws? A.E. Economic equality B. Dishonestly appropriating goods usually money C. social justice C. Equal or proper distribution to benefits and burdens C. the parliament 25. Giving fair treatment to needy people 24. International equality 28. Showing of favoritism toward relative and friends B. The Judiciary body D. 2007 E. corrective justice D. Economic justice Civics and Ethical Education O. All are answers 27. Exercising unequal treatment among the people B. The right to engage freely in Economic activity is A. Social equality C. We all have to combat a very dangerous act against the well being of the society are A. none of the above 26. Protecting public property B. It is the categories of justice that is mostly used in determine punishment and compensation criminal and civil cases. respecting the authorized people C. distributive justice B. What the government do people patriotic feeling about their people? A.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION 22. Preserving and conserving environments C.

Indirect democracy C. The responsibilities of the executive body resides in the hands of A. High courts C. Face to face democracy in which people can continually take an active part is A. first instance courts B. Which one is not the system of government? A. Legal institution include A. Autocracy B. 2007 E. Which constitution emphasized socialism as the guiding ideology? Civics and Ethical Education O. transparency C. The major features characterize limited government is A. Power of the courts established by the federal republic of Ethiopia constitution supreme federal judicial authority vested A. Unitary B. Accountability 30. A and B are answers B. Citizens to participate in all matters that affects than live. The president and vice-president of the federal supreme court D. Prime minister and ministers B. honesty D. foreign policy 32. C.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION 29. organization 34. social 31. Moral principle B. what we call the mechanism by which one organ of the government control the other of the government A. Direct democracy D. Supreme court D. none of the above 36. Ministers of justice 33. All citizens have the same legal right and obligation D. Custom C. Courts C. The responsibility to be honest is related to the following sources of responsibility? A. All are answers 37. Law D.E. Check and balance B. sharia court 38. federal C. constitution B. Human right commission D. The power of the government emerges from the constitution B. Judicial administration council C. International convention C. nonfederal D. Federal and state presidents 35.B . Which of the following sets of legal documents serve as foundation of the justice system A. Domestic law D.

National responsibility can be expressed A. 1933 D. Reading involves the reader and the material to be read B. Wealth means A. The Ethiopian parents born child. opinion belief and the like D. naturalization B. What is the principle of toleration qualities refers A. Right to liberty D. by requesting 43. Un necessary expenditure D. 41. 2007 E. All of the above 44. right to nationality 40. Which statement is not correct A. Resolve conflict in a peaceful way B. Why? A. By birth place C. The total amount of money and property that a person own B. None of the above 46. 42. Understanding persons point of view B. 1951 39. All are answers. Respect other person C. Doing everything you can for your country D. Civics and Ethical Education O.B . Free-market economy C. 1987 C. By blood relation D. command economy B. Which one is not part of Economic system A. In order to say equity of taxation. Those who read a lot are those who have great knowledge C.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION A. which statement is true. The child would get Ethiopian citizenship.E. Right to life C. Improve the image of the country C. Mixed economy D. Spending more time reading lose desire to know D. Something that can be obtained easily C. What right is it? A. Reading helps you to be a well rounded person. right to equality B. No person may be defined without a charge or conviction against him. 1995 B. Recognize other peoples difference in idea. none of the above 45.

A democratic constitution C. Lack of shelter C. sovereignty B. If the tax base is high. The military government B. 2007 E. Lack of clothing D. Which of the following refers to readiness to consider or accept the idea of others A. The rule of law D. nationality 52. Which of the following shows relative poverty? A. less tax will be paid C. changing idea when other change B. this negotiation deals with the other known as A. Under king Lalibela 54. Self reliance C. motivation 53. legal equality 48. more tax will be paid If the tax base is low. Diplomats D. less tax will be paid D. If the tax rate is high. Integrity C. In which government in Ethiopia command economy was declared A. Active citizen participation B. more tax will be paid If the tax rate is low.E. Social equality C. all are answers 50. Independence countries of the world have foreign relation. What responsibility is it? A. The EPRDF government D. The characteristics of the democratic system is A.B . Being inconsistent C. The study of the equality of men and women is- A. Open mindedness D. personal responsibility Civics and Ethical Education O. Organization responsibility C. being regid B. Gender equality B. Having open relation with other D.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION A. Except “A” others are correct 47. Emperor Haile Selasse government C. One of an example of dependency is:- A. All the tax rate is proportional or the same percent B. all of the above 51. Lack of food B. Each person has the responsibility to manage his/her life well and being successful in the future. Political equality D. A and C are correct 49.

moral responsibility 55. human right D. Social responsibility D. all of the above 63. land use tax Civics and Ethical Education O. work D. One of the major duty of patriot is ________________ A. Illegal organization 57. fear of defending one’s own position B. Some religious view C. In order the government to provide social services. protect wild animals B. lack of initiative 61. all of the following are qualities of a self reliant person except one A.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION B. dependency C. democratic right C. replant trees D. When you progress in a chosen profession over a long time is known as- A. To contribute to community development C. Every person has the inviolable and inalienable right to life. task 56. Income tax C.E. Promoting the public interest D. Voluntary organization must be_______________ A. What is the traditional practice which affects our saving habit? A. independent B. Thinking about the future B. right to equality B. What right is it? A. protect trees C. knowing one’s own potential C. plan a budget and be economical 58. 2007 E. it collects taxes from salary. Promoting the common good B. limit the number of children you have D.B . motivation D. all are answers 59. respecting the good work of theirs D. what we say people or groups cannot solve their own problems without others help A. fighting against poverty and back wardens C. knowing one’s own need 62. Member join for personal benefit D. Job B. what can we do to protect natural resources A. career C. What we call this tax A. right to liberty 60. Profitable business organization B.

All are answers. Learning. Family budget D. White collar workers C. Dishonest D. Having a work Ethics means A. Planning for the future includes A. Dependency of the judiciary D. truth and knowledge D. fact and knowledge 65. The ability to work faster and efficiently D. A and C are answers 70.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION B. A democratic system is characterized by all. What the civic duty of a citizen should be A. Idea. income rate 64. Spending working hours and resources on work C. Being hard working B. 2007 E. Not respecting others 67. What are the three fundamental forms of knowledge A. Punctuality C.E. life expectancy B.B . Which of the following is an indicator of poverty? A. Doctor-people ratio C. keeping a promise B. Those involved in manual work which requires a lot of energy called A. Being loyal to democratic principle and value C. thinking and generalizing B. Facts. 71. Arriving at work on time B. manage your money B. Death rate of babies D. all of the above 72. Level of community participation is Civics and Ethical Education O. concepts and generalization C. A and B are answers D. Wider public participation B. Business profit tax D. blue collar workers B. manager 68. Officer D. Free. fair and periodic election C. Moral responsibility are expressed A. Transparency and accountability 66. Concept. Family planning C. except one A. all of the above 69.

B . A and B are answers B. 2007 E. Terrorist organization 73. because A. Avoiding multiple sexual partners B. Political participation C. Self reliance people make good decision. Improper use of resources C. Which of the following could not be a factor for the existence of drought in Ethiopian? A. A work that involves professional knowledge or intellectual labor is ____ A. Exercise constructive criticism and self criticism C. all are answers 76. Observation D. Questionnaires C. What are the instruments for collecting data A. group discussion B. Un protected sex with many partners C.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION A. Combat social problem D. Giving free service to achieve a goal to benefit a community or society is A. Social participation can express A. Replantation D. Social participation D. Manual labor C. mental labor B. Deforestation C. Fight against crime C. Voluntarism D. B and C Civics and Ethical Education O. All of the above 75. They are open mindedness D. population explosion 78. Chauvinism C. all of the above 80. Physical labor D. HIV/Aids is a dangerous infectious disease. over grazing B. Touching the blood if an Hiv/Aid victim has cut 74. Which of the following work behavior is categorized under dishonesty A. They based facts and experience B. drug abuse B. none 79.E. none of the above 77. The way to stop this is through A. To arrive work place on time B. To steal time D. Not using condoms D. organization B.

E.B . 2007 E.C CIVICS AND ETHICAL EDUCATION Civics and Ethical Education O.