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Pietro Cedone birth: 26 sept.

nationality: IT
curriculum vitae
via Losanna, 6
april 2017 20154 Milan (IT)

+39 3331637309

Education oct. 2011 Cashier @ Cooperativa Universitaria

- oct. 2014 Studio e Lavoro [volunteering]
oct. 2014 Master Degree in Communication Most of the time spent in helping
- apr. 2017 Design students in setting up their files
Politecnico di Milano (Milan) for printing and binding. For free.
Score: 110/110 Sector: stationery, bookshop
Grade point average: 29.6/30
Thesis: Grassroots magazine.
An investigation on the so-called Training courses
and actual phenomenon of the
independent magazines. apr. 2017 Cinema 4D online course by the 3D
You can read entirely on my - motion graphics experts Chris Schmidt
website. and Nick Campbell.

oct. 2011 Bachelor Degree in Communication

- july 2014 Design IT skills
Politecnico di Milano (Milan)
Score: 110/110 cum laude expert Adobe Photoshop
Grade point average: 28.7/30 Adobe inDesign
Adobe Illustrator
sept. 2008 Artistic Highschool Diploma Adobe AfterEffects
- july 2011 Fondazione Sacro Cuore (Milan) Adobe Premiere Pro
Score: 91/100 Cargocollective
Microsoft Office
McNeel Rhinoceros
Work experiences HTML & CSS
may 2016 Graphic designer @ Italian Style Adobe Character Animator
Magazine (RCS MediaGroup) Cinema 4D
Work collaboration with the art novice Density RAW
direction of the magazine for
issue 1/2016.
Sector: communication design Language skills
feb- 2016 Art director junior @ Vita Magazine Italian (mothertongue)
- may 2016 Team working with the art English
director of the magazine realizing Toeic score: 830/990
editorial and animation projects Understanding: B2
Sector: communication design Speaking: B2
Writing: B2
aug. 2015 Workman @ Rimini Fiera
Involved in designing a
contemporary art exhibition. Contests and awards
Sector: construction
july 2014 Participating in the Cersaie contest
Beautiful ideas
may 2013 Spokesperson in the Visual identity proposal for the
- may 2015 Communication Design Council 2015 edition of Cersaie
@Politecnico di Milano (visible on my website)
Team working with professors may 2014 Winner of the Telecom Italia
and students in order to Workshop "Best ideas"
improve the didactics of the Project of a tourism app
degree course. For free. Sector: for Milano Expo 2015
adminastrive service activities