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The "General Terms
ON WARRANTY and Conditions on
Deliveries of Products

SOLARNOVA and Services in the
Electronics Industry"

BUILDING-INTEGRATED shall apply in its
respectively current


A. WARRANTY instructions for installation of Photovoltaics for
For a period of five (5) years from the date of transfer Architectural Building Integration (BIPV), in the version
of the modules to the final vendor, solarnova warrants current at the time of installation, must be observed.
that, when used as intended (Item B), the solar modules it Claims made against solarnova based on Paragraph A are
manufactures and supplies for integration into buildings excluded if the impairment was caused by:
will be free and clear of any defects in materials and
workmanship that would affect the functionality of the ¸¸ external influences such as direct contact with seawater,
product. Upon transfer of ownership, visible defects smoke, salt, chemical substances or contaminants,
must be immediately reported to solarnova or the ¸¸ vandalism, destruction by external influences and/or
authorized vendor in writing, however at the latest within persons or animals,
seven (7) days from the date of purchase. Later-appearing
defects or defects which are not immediately visible must ¸¸ use of products on mobile (non-fixed) units such as
be reported to solarnova or the authorized vendor in vehicles or ships,
writing, likewise within seven (7) days of becoming aware ¸¸ improper use or any other purposes which do not
of the defect. comply with locally-applicable technical or safety
If a module is not free of defects, solarnova will rectify regulations,
the defect by way of subsequent improvement without ¸¸ any force majeure or natural disasters, such as earth-
charge or supply a defect-free module at no cost. If the quake, volcanic eruption, floods, lightning strikes or
subsequent improvement or replacement delivery should other extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes,
fail, the end consumer may, at his or her option, request hail storms or snowfalls exceeding those normally
an additional subsequent improvement or replacement expected in the locality,
delivery or reduction of the purchase price or withdrawal
from the contract. ¸¸ excessive shock or

Every notification of defects must be accompanied by the ¸¸ acts of third persons and other events and accidents
original proof of purchase to verify the time of purchase. outside of the normal use of the modules and over
Return of products to solarnova or the authorized vendor which solarnova has no control.
is permitted only with written approval from solarnova. Due to the high quality standards of the glasses used in
BIPV modules, glass breakage can be caused by external
factors only Therefore, any additional warranties are
solarnova's warranty applies only to modules which excluded.
carry a legible solarnova identification label on the back.
Warranty eligibility applies to the owner at the time of
the occurrence of a warranty case. These solarnova Upon presentation of the original invoice, the delivery
warranties do not apply to modules that were dismounted date and serial number, solarnova will, after binding
or remounted, other than for purposes of repair, or were establishment of a warranty case, make compensation by
used in any way other than that intended. any of the following options:
The solarnova warranty applies within the European ¸¸ exchange of the defective module with another module
Union. Claims may be asserted only within the of identical or similar performance,
respectively applicable warranty period.
¸¸ Repair of the module, delivery of an additional module
These warranty provisions apply only to use as intended, or take technical measures to restore the warranted
including ordinary and proper application, installation, minimum output or
utilization and maintenance. In particular, our technical

product. 2008 on the law applicable to costs of removal and reinstallation. according to the amount. solarnova's total liability under this warranty shall. lost use. excluding the United Nations Convention on depreciation. 6(2)(2) of EC Regulation solarnova. and the lack of agreed features and for culpable infringement of important contractual obligations or in accordance with the German Product Liability Act or other legislation. taking into account a lifespan of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and ten (10) years. VALIDITY This warranty provides no legal basis for any additional This version of the "Special Terms and Conditions on claims against solarnova. 22880 Wedel. be limited to 1. as verified by the invoice. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY E.solarnova. the No. or indirect damages. provisions of international private law. will not be assumed by solarnova. according to Art. Republic of Germany. despite the foregoing choice of the exchanged module becomes the property of German law. shall remain applicable to consumers of modules does not result in an extension of the period who have their usual place of abode outside of the Federal covered by the warranty. prior written approval by solarnova. 2014. or Building Integration (BIPV)" applies to all solarnova BIPV any claims for indemnity of damages not involving the modules sold to customers after February 1. Upon delivery of a replacement. gross negligence. Exchange or additional delivery from by contract. Am Marienhof 6. as well as the costs contractual obligations (Rome I).25 times the purchase price which the customer paid to the Guarantor for the module. any Warranties for solarnova Photovoltaics for Architectural claims for lost profits. subject to changes Deutschland GmbH Am Marienhof 6 December 2016 22880 Wedel Germany T +49 4103 91208 0 F +49 4103 91208 10 © solarnova info@solarnova. reduced by an annual linear German law. If a module is exchanged or replaced. All claims must be asserted in writing against the other contracting party within seven (7) days of becoming aware of the guarantee www. The provisions of law of the state in which the consumer maintains his or The choice of indemnification option is within the her usual place of abode and which cannot be departed discretion of solarnova. D. ¸¸ reimbursement of the replacement costs for a similar These warranty provisions are exclusively subject to or identical module. 593/2008 of June 17. solarnova reserves the right to reject any modules returned without The Warrantor is solarnova Deutschland GmbH. This does not apply to the extent that there is compulsory liability with regard to personal injury or in cases of intent. including without . of shipping.