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1. I had my car washed.
2. John will have his house painted.
3. The students have had their essays checked.
4. I'll have my hair cut next week.
5. He had his washing machine fixed.
6. I´m having my car repaired
7. I had the oil in my car changed.
8. We were having our house painted.
9. I´m going to have my DVD player repaired next week
10. She had to have her nails done every week
11. I´m having my jacket dry-cleaned
12. The council has just had the town hall rebuilt.
13. He had the parcel sent home
14. You have your clothes washed and dried every weekend
15. I had a tooth pulled out
16. We would have the floors swept and mopped
17. She had her teeth checked
18. He had all his meals cooked
19. We would have all our clothes ironed
20. He is going to have his eyes checked
21. I went to the doctor´s to have my blood pressure taken.

22. Mary had her temperature checked

23. I must have my car checked

24. We've had our website made

25. I have the floor cleaned every day.

26. We had pizza delivered home the other day.

27. Can I have the letter faxed, please?

28. They are going to have their house vacuumed.

29. I need to have my coat shortened.

30. He had his ring resized