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By Rosie Blake
Content Outline
My idea is a music video to the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. I am planning to
make a new improved version of the original with a twist. The main storyline will follow a girl (played
by Honor Menzies) who comes home after a night of partying and faces her disappointed parents.
Her home life consists of two argumentative hard- working parents; however, the girl completely
despises it. As result of that, she plans having her friends round to her house this time to prove to
her parents that she does not care and wants to have fun. The music video will show the girl getting
ready upstairs on the phone to her friends. This shot will allow me to use a split screen to suggest
they are on a 3 way call. Whilst this is happening, the video will cut back to the studio where the girl
is dancing with a bunch of her friends. I will frequently cut between present and past to suggest that
the studio was where the girl was the night before. Once her fiends arrive at her house, they create
havoc and decide to trash their parents evening by dancing beside them. Towards the end of the
video, the parents join in dancing which creates humour and in way makes the video have a happy
conclusion. This proves the point the girl was trying to make and how she is intituled to have fun and
rebel. The closing shot will finish at the studio where all the girls surround the girl and party the
night away.

I think that vibe productions should pick my idea because it is creative and an updated version of
beloved classic. Since its original debut, the song has had plus 40 covers but no one has ever decided
to remake it in music video format. The song is 30 years old and since then technology has evolved, I
am able to incorporate social media in my production for example Instagram and WhatsApp. I will
also be using special effects in the form of thought bubbles to go on screen to show what she is
thinking. I will also play around with the green screen to change the colour to bright neon colours in
the studio scene. Lastly, I will have a fade over the flash back scene and create the split screen for
the friend phone call. I will also play around with my shots types and angles, also, I am keen to use a
camera stabiliser to I can capture even more shots which help create the mood
Target Audience
To gain some information on my target audience I held a
focus group in which I asked members of my class to tell
me what they think. The outcome of the conversation was
that the target audience would be made of mostly young
adults. The girls shown in the video are 17/18 and Cyndi
Lauper was in her early twenties when she made the
video. The target audience will be mostly made up of
females, as the song is a feminist anthem. Also without
planning in it, 99% of the people in my video are females.
I just do not think the video would be all the same with a lot of males and would lose its message. In
terms of socio economic grouping, we decided that my TA will probably have a part time job but will
be in education still for example university students. People who know what it is like to have strict
parents. My target audience will be in the lower scale of work, which is group D, and E.
Market Competitors

Girls Just Want To Have Fun later gained recognition as a feminist anthem so I believe that my main
current competitors are Megan Trainor, Beyonc and Rihanna. In Megan Trainors video No the
message that is conveyed is that women have the right to consent and say no. This video celebrates
that with sassy lyrics and a professionally put together music video. It currently has over 430 million
views and my video will be similar to hers because I am using a team of girls to help convey my
message. Im also to have my girls dress up fancy to
show the best version of themselves on camera. My
next competitor is undoubtedly Beyonc. Although
throughout the years she has gained recognition for
putting music out there celebrating feminism, I would
say my video will have more competition with her
latest single Sorry. In the hip I hop/pop, video
Beyonc sings about the betrayal of her husband by
reminding the listener she is independent who can go
off and have a good time without him. The video
shows Beyonc having fun with her friends showing that she is not effected by her betrayal. This
video has over 212 million views on YouTube and even makes a guest appearance from Serena
Williams, a female professional tennis player. Lastly, another female competitor is Rihanna. Last year
Rihanna released her music video for Needed Me, In the music video Rihanna tells reminds us that
we don't have to act like a saviour in a relationship because the man isn't as tough or as heartless as
he seems.

I do think that my video is a lot different to theirs, as it is not sexualised or about any man. Its just
easy to relate to the message in my video than it is in Rihannas, not everything has to be about a
guy. However, I know that a lot of music videos in recent times do talk about sex and guys, its quite
refreshing to have something new and different without appearing childish. After watching my video
people will want to dance, they will want to have fun. But what they wont be doing is feeling sad
about an ex and what he did to them. Girls Just Want to Have Fun has been a classic for years, 30
years on and its still a nations favourite, which is why I think many people will be excited to see a
new modernised version.
To get some background info for my song,
I did some research into it and found some
helpful information. According to Wikipedia
the song was written by a man named
Robert Hazard. However, he wrote it from a
males perspective so when Lauper first
heard it she was keen to alter the lyrics.
With Hazards approval, released it as her
own 1983 debut record. It has been
referred to as a synthesiser-backed record
about the roles of women in society by
Gillian G. Gaar, author of Shes The Rebel.
Gaar describes the song as an anthem of female solidarity and a playful romp celebrating female
camaraderie. Alike the original, Im keeping the budget cheap. The original video cost less than
$35,000 due to a volunteer cast and also the role of Laupers real mother. This is something that
interested me; Im keeping the budget low but also hiring out actors who are friends in real life to
give the music video some real chemistry.

I know that my main competitors would be strong females, but because my song makes a feminist
statement, my competitors were going to be controversial and big. I went on to The to
read the article on The Feminist Pop Anthems That Made 2016 Less Terrible which gave me an
insight to who my competitors were. Throughout reading it, I thought that Id face more competition
with Megan Trainor, Beyonc and Rihanna.

I Looked at YouTube to get the figures. Obviously it is a good way to see how they produce their
music videos and how they match it up to their songs. They are all quite different styles of music
video however each with a total over a 100million views.
Personal Requirements
My first location is at Honors house. Ive tried to keep the locations easy but for those who dont live
near will need to find a lift to hers. Seamus and Jocelyn are Honors neighbours, which makes things
easier however Lucy comes from Maidenhead, and Sophia comes from Shiplake. Maidenhead to
Henley is 10 miles so thats about 3 there and back. Shiplake to Henley and back adds up to around

My second location is Henley College, Honor lives in Henley so her costs are free. But for Millie it will
be considerably higher as she comes from Wycombe which is 3.14 there and back. Claire comes
from Warborough which is approximately 3.26 there and back. Finally, we have myself and Niamh,
Niamh lives in Nuffield which is 1.72 from Henley and back. I live in Chalgrove which is 3.36 there
and back, however Im doing it twice so it comes to 6.72 overall for my trip.

Food is not going to cost too much, Im only filming for an hour in college and my actors will already
be there so I wont need to feed them for their time. When Im at Honors I will spend 5 and quickly
grab a big drink for everyone and some crisps and sweets.

Props and Accommodation will be free as everyone will be sleeping in the own beds and their outfits
will be their own. When it comes to props I do have the advantage of filming at someones house
who have given me permission to use their furniture and house objects for the video.

I will personally need my car to travel to Henley and back for both days. I am purchasing a camera
stabiliser as well as taking my tripod as I want to get the best out of my filming time, I also think it is
effective. I will need two cameras and two tripods in total as for my studio shot I want to have multi
camera. One studio light, and two SD cards.
Cast and Crew-

I have 8 actors not including myself. I will need Honor for a grand total of 6 hours. For the other 7
actors I will only need for an hour each.

Cast and Crew

Cast Members Contact Information What their needed for

Honor Menzies 07469256*** Honor is needed to play the role

of the leading girl. I will need her
in two major locations. Her
house on Friday 19th May and
the studio 22nd May.
Lucy James 07872692*** I will need Lucy to play the role
of Honors friend at her house.
She will be needed on the 19th
Sophia Main I have her on Facebook, email I will need Sophia to play the
and messenger. role of Honors friend at her
house. She will be needed on the
19th May.
Jocelyn Davis I have her on Facebook, email I will need Jocelyn to play the
and messenger role of Honors mother. She will
be needed on 19th May.

Seamus Bringmann I have him on Facebook, email I will need Seamus to play the
and messenger role of Honors father. He will be
needed on 19th May.

Claire Allan 07594343*** I will need her play dancer in the

studio on Monday May 22nd.

Millie Coaker 07842952*** I will need her play dancer in the

studio on Monday May 22nd.

Niamh Sames 07961675*** I will need her play dancer in the

studio on Monday May 22nd.
Myself 07880745*** I will be a dancer in the studio on
Monday 22nd May.

Production Schedule
Date of shoot Location Actor (s) Time

Monday 22nd May Studio Honor Menzies 12:45-1:45

Claire Allan
Millie Coaker
Niamh Sames
Rosie Blake

Friday 19th May Honors House Honor Menzies 4pm 8pm just Honor
Jocelyn Davies
127 Reading Road Seamus Bringmann 8pm-9 pm everyone
Lucy James
Henley-on-Thames Sophia Main

Production schedule
Production Schedule 2
What? Who? Where? When?
Research and Planning. Myself (Planning) Henley College Monday 24th April
Throughout these two My house Friday 5th May
weeks I mind mapped Honor Menzies
two ideas, held 2 focus Claire Allan
groups, a survey Millie Coaker
monkey and mood Niamh Sames
board. After I had an (Research focus
idea I drew up a mock groups)
up plan, researched
into competitors and
similar artists to
myself. I then went to
research regulatory
bodies and legal issues
whilst also putting
together a cast and
crew list and a
production schedule.
Meanwhile in that
time, I drew up a back-
up plan in case they
were any restrictions
with my original idea.
Proposal. Myself Henley College Monday 8th May
I spent a week writing (for the writing of my My house Friday 12th May
my proposal and pitch pitch and proposal)
gathering as much
information and Honor Menzies
research as I could Millie Coaker
show Vibe Productions Joseph Weston
why they should Niamh Sames
choose me. Claire Allan
Owen Riseley
(video for pitch)
Rehearsals. Myself My house Friday 12th May

Rehearsal of pitch
Pitch. Myself Henley College Monday 15th April
9.50-10.10 am
Filming day 1. Honor Menzies Honors House Friday 19th May
Seamus Brigmann
Honors house shoot Jocelyn Davis 4 -9 pm
Sophia Main
Lucy James

Filming day 2. Honor Menzies Henley College Monday 22nd May

Claire Allan
Studio shoot Millie Coaker 12:45 1:45
Niamh Sames
Post production. Myself Henley College Tuesday 23rd May
Editing Time Thursday 8th June

To gain some feedback on my chosen idea and the target audience, I put together a survey monkey,
which enabled me to get a better understanding of what other people think. When asked if they
could change anything about this, a respondent answered with 'It may make the narrative more
positive by having the parents join in by the end of it? Otherwise not much, it sounds good'. This was
an interesting comment to me because I actually was thinking about incorporating that into my
video. My genre will mainly be humour and with the parents, joining in the fun towards the end
gives it that comedic affect. I knew from the beginning that humour was something I would stick to;
however, just to gain some inspiration from others, I asked if there was another genre, I could
explore. One respondent said 'a retro-inspired nostalgia', this was something I never thought about
but if my demographic was an elder audience I would be more tempted to film it like this. When
asked if there was anything that I could improve on, a respondent said 'A few more characters at
play, so we can understand what type of girl she is'. I think I have quite a few characters in it now so
it should be clear what her personalities' like through not just her friends but through the narrative.
Nikon d3300 = 339 According to Equity, their
agreement is to hire out an actor for
Canon EOS 13000 DLSR = 319 a day is 393.

393 x 4 = 1572
Tripod = 36.98 (2)
Camera stabiliser = 12.99
ZCTL Ultra 160 LED Video Camera - 20.99
Overall budget
Travel expenses = 18.84 Overall Budget

Food = 5 2324,8
Studio = 1572
Equipment = 728.9


I put together a mind map, mood board and a mock-up.

This a mock-up I put together I had planned for my idea.

Mock Up

Girl tries to sneak in The girl shrugs it off the video The video will then show
her house after a cuts back to her dancing with the girl on the phone to
night after partying her friends. (the clips of her both of her friends when
and faces an angry dancing with friends will take she gets interrupted by a
mum in the kitchen. place in the studio. I will use disapproving dad. She
green screen to change then proceeds to text her
colour of background. friends.

The video cuts between

the girl getting ready to
Her friends arrive and She has a daydream
go out (on an exercise
they start about her ex-boyfriend
bike doing make up)
dancing/drinking. and his new girlfriend
and the studio.
Dancing around her whilst getting ready to
disapproving parents. party with friends

The rest of the video will cut between the different locations. The first
one being the girl dancing on the street lip singing, the second of her
lip singing whilst getting ready, the third of her friends at her house
and her parents and the forth of her and her friends in the studio. The
girls are taking Instagrams of each other dancing and drinking. There
will be shots of her parents dancing which adds to the humour. Whilst
the girls dancing in the studio will be having fun and dancing which
adds to the mood of the video. The video will close of the girl in the
studio singing and there will be a fade out.