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2007 E.







1. A stone is thrown horizontally from height of 20m tower with velocity of

15m/s. what is the magnitude of velocity at instant the stone strikes the

ground.(use g=10m/s2)
A. 35m/s C. 17.5m/s
B. 25m/s D. 20m/s
2. An Athletes ran the first 10 Km With Speed 20m/s and the second 5km

with speed 30m/s. what was his average speed?
A. 25m/s C. 60m/s
B. 22.5m/s D. 50m/s
3. Which of the following is NOT unit of mechanical power
A. Kgm3/sec2 C. Nm/Sec
2 3
B. Kg /sec D. J/sec
4. The number of complete oscillations recorded by student in 5 sec. is 20.

What is the period of oscillation?
A. 4sec C. 25sec
B. 0.25 sec D. 15sec
5. A solenoid of 0.628m long has 20 turns. The magnetic field strength near

the center of it is 8x10-5T. what current flow through the solenoid? (

μ 0=4 π
A. 20A C. 0.2A
B. 2A D. 4A
6. Two spring each with spring constant of 1000 N/m set up in parallel with

an applied force of 200N as shown below. What would be the extension

produced by the applied force?
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Temperature D. ohm’s law 11. Ampere’s D. 0. 8years C.0025k-1. heat energy 13. If the cost of operation for the last 30days at fixed utility rate of 40cents is 14. The mean distance of planet P from the sun is 4 times that of the earth. Four light lamps are used for 5hrs per day.C PHYSICS MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 A. Both take shape of their containers PHYSICSY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 2 . 80w B. 2. All 9. Kinetic energy C. 4years D. The energy that related to both motion and position of a body is: A. Potential energy D. Length C. Lenz’s law C. 100w 12. Which of the following is FALSE about properties of liquids and gases A. The size of an induced electromotive force(emf) directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux in the loop. mechanical energy B. Thickness B. Resistance of conductor(wire) inversely proportional to its A. 2007 E. Faraday’s law B. This principle refer to A. 2. 60w D. What is the change in resistance of a wire after heated to 500c A. 15cm 200N 7. then what power delivered by each lamp? A.5 Ω C. 10cm D.5Ω D. 20Cm C.25Ω B. 16 years B.25Ω 10. 40 w C. 5cm fig 1 B.4 birr. 64 years 8. 22. The conductor /wire/ has resistance of 20Ω at O0c and temperature coefficient of 0. What is the period of the planet P to revolve once the sun? A.

One end of water filled monometer connected to a gas supply that has pressure of 101500 pa.7x10-8Ωm at 200c). at apoint b/n the two sirens the sound is very loud.06sec 18.08sec B. If an object has a kinetic energy of 2000J and momentum of 200kgm/sec. All 17. 400m/s B. if cross –sectional area of the wire 0. Refraction B. 1. 0. the speed of the object is A. Gases are compressible where as liquids not D. They made by doping with pentavalent/trivalent elements D. shorter and thinner 16. 40m/s C. They are pure semiconductors B.02mm2 then. 4sec C. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about extrinsic semiconductors? A. 10m/s D. Shorter and thicker C. 3. Reflection D. but at other points is much fainter. They have electrons and holes as a charge carriers C. A ball of mass 0.2kg travelling at 20m/s is kicked by a player so as to return back a long its original path at 10m/s.C PHYSICS MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 B. Two alarm sirens are emitting aloud note. 8sec D. 10A B. Diffraction C. How long the ball and the leg are in contact if the impulsive force is 100N? A. 20m/s 19. 2007 E.4A 15. A potential difference of 17v is applied to a 2m long copper wire (resistivity 1. 0. Particle of both liquids & gases set patterns C.7A C. the pressure of the gas cause the column of PHYSICSY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 3 . longer and thinner B. interference 20. This phenomena of sound wave refers to: A. 1A D. Both liquids and gases are fluids 14. Conductors connected to potential difference can allow larger currents when they are:- A. Longer and thicker D. What current flow in the wire? A.

then what would be the height reached by the ball?(assuming all KE converted to GPE.up xx x x x x … fig 3 PHYSICSY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 4 . If two resistors R1&R2 (with R1<R2 )when connected in series and parallel effective resistance is 16 Ω and 3 Ω respectively. What is the height difference b/n B&C(density of water =1000 kg/m3) Patm (Patm =101000 Pa and g =10m/sec2) A. 5cm C --------. Magnitude of magnetic field strength at point P 0.(see fig 3 below) what is the current and its direction.down D.05m B. then what is the value of R1 and R2 A. 10A. 0. R2=11Ω C. 2. 10A. None of the above 24. gas B. 10cm B ----------. 1A. 50cm C.R2=12Ω D. If the stiffness of Spring is 800N/M and is compressed by 5cm.C PHYSICS MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 water to rise up at the other end as shown below. Which of the following is FALSE about two stationary point charges Q1 and Q2 near each other. 25m C. A. They exert electric force on each other C.up xx x … p 0. 1A. R1=4Ω. supplied 21.down C. They exert magnetic force on each other B. 5m B.R2= 10Ω B. 10m 22. R1=2Ω .( μo=¿ 4 π x10-7Tm/A) xx x … A.5cm D. Spring is used to launch aball of mass 40gm vertically into the air. R1 =6Ω .5m D. They exert gravitational force an each other D.and use g=10m/s2) A.R2=14Ω 23. R1=5Ω.05m from current carrying conductor is 4x10-5T. 2007 E.

Ethiopian renaissance Dam excepted to generate 6000Mw. 200N C. Two positive point charges Q1 and Q2 with Q1=4Q2 placed on x-axis. Electrical energy C. 6.0x106m/s has charge of 2 μ c moves in a radius of 2mm.4x10-10T D.C4=C5=C6=6 μ F and C3=1 μ F . Total energy stored in the circuit is 18 μ J. 1. Enet never zero b/n them μ 26. Where electric field is zero b/n them? A. electrical Power B. If capacitors C1=C2=3 F. Charge deposited in C3 is 4 C D. midway b/n them B. Effective capacitance is 1 μ F B. A 20m plane inclined at 30 has efficiency 60%.7x10-12T 28. cos300= √ 3 /2 ) A. This quantity refers to A. 3.then which of the following is NOT TRUE about the capacitors net work? C1=3 μ F μ =6 μ F A. what is the magnetic field strength? A. Electrical current D.8x10-12T C.7x10-27kg and velocity 8.C PHYSICS MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 25.4 27. electrical force 0 29. 150N PHYSICSY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 5 . 120N B. 2007 E.are connected to battery of 6 volt as shown bellow . 3. (sin 300=0. Voltage across C1 is 2v 6v C3=1 C5=6 μ μ C. Closer to Q2 D. If it used to raise a load of 300N. Closer to Q1 C. C2=3 μ F C6=6 μ F fig.4x10-12T B. A particle of mass 1.5. then what effort required to slide up the load. 250N D.

in series B. Thermistor C. the final temperature of mixture is (cw=4200J/kgk) A. Both produce . Semiconductor device that has low resistance when it warmed is A. 100.01 μ F using n-identical capacitors 8 μ F series 31. 2007 E. erect & diminished image where ever the object placed D. 300c 33. Both produced virtual . 20 gm of water at 20 c is mixed with 100gm of water at 800c. Both produce virtual. light emitting diode PHYSICSY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 6 .virtual . C. If student plan to design capacitor net work of effective capacitance 0. 500c C. 20cm D.inparallel D. then the number of capacitors needed and mode of combination he selects is: A. Transistor B.C PHYSICS MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 30. erect and diminished image depend on object distance B. 30cm 32. 10cm B. What is the distance b/n the object and image formed. 700c D. 800. 400c B. 100.erect and larger image depend on object distance. Both produce virtual. Image of an object formed by a convex lens of focal length 20cm is virtual and twice the size of the object. after 0 thermal equilibrium is reached .in series C. Which of the following is TRUE about the nature of image formed by convex Mirrors and concave lenses A.erect & larger image where ever the object placed 34. Light dependent diode D. 800. 40cm C. A.

Which of the following devices used for amplification A. 2km B. Kepler D.C PHYSICS MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 35. B. Thermistor B. If the system of forces shown below is in equilibrium . P=800N. Galileo 38. P=R=600N D. Tacho Brahe B. v D. Velocity C.R=800N 1000N 37. Acceleration PHYSICSY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 7 .then what is the magnitude of force P and R respectively? (sin 530=cos 370=0. v tf t tf t 40. 12km D. V C. Sir Issac newton C.. 4km 36.R=600N …………… 53 0 …. 2007 E. Which graph shows volecity –time graph of a stone which thrown straight up to air at t=0 and returns down at t=tf A.6 ) P R A. P=600N. A car of mass 4000 kg moving along straight level road changes its speed from 10m/s to 20m/s when 100N force acts on it. Resistor D. 6km C. P=R=800N C. Transistor 39. Diode C. How far it travelled? A.8) (cos 530=sin 370=0. v t=tf t tf t B. The laws of planetary motion best described and formulated by A. A train is moving uniformly at 50m/s. Which quantity change uniformly A.

Which of the following is NOT true about couple of force A.C PHYSICS MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 B. 2007 E. Liquid C. What is the intensity from the same source at a distance of 20m? A. A form of energy B.B=1 A. 5x10-7 w/m2 43. Vacuum B.5x10-8 w/m2 B. E B. They are equal in magnitude B. gas 42. A=0. A=1. A=0.B=0 B.5x10-7w/m2 C. Basic physical quantity C. B=1 PHYSICSY MODEL EXAMINATION FOR GRADE 10 OROMIA EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Page 8 . The measure of average kinetic energy of molecules of the body 44. Speed D. Distance 41. The intensity of sound wave at a point 10m away from a point source is 10-7w/m2. Sound wave can’t travel in A. D. What is the value of A and B so that the output E is zero A. Solid D. They are perpendicular to each other D.B=0 C. Determine the direction of heat flow D. 5x10-8 w/m2 D. A=1. 2. They are opposite in direction C. Temperature differ from heat in that it is not A. They produce torque if not in the same line of action 45. In logical gate shown below. 2. A&B are inputs.