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02 Terms
Term Definition

Goals of

prosocial Kind actions that benefit other people

self-control The ability to discipline oneself

Direct & Indirect

direct guidance Using physical and verbal actions to guide behavior

indirect guidance Using factors in the environment to influence behavior

intervene To “step in” to redirect a behavior or situation

visibility The ability to see and be seen

monitor To oversee, as in behavior

fixtures Built-in items, such as a sink and commode in a bathroom

designated Reserved for a certain purpose

cue A signal


positive reinforcement Ways of rewarding positive behavior

either in words or actions. to what is said or done encouraging Recognizing a child for trying or for improving .consequence Any result that follows a behavior warning A reminder that bad behaviors will bring consequences time out Moving a child away from the other children for a short time I-message A statement beginning with the pronoun ​I ​used to express how the caregiver feels about a child’s behavior Suggesting Putting thoughts into a child’s mind for consideration prompting Taking action to stop or start a behavior redirecting Turning a child’s attention in a new direction ignoring Withholding attention or not acknowledging a behavior subtle Not easily noticeable feedback Responding.