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I selected my script for my play, The Things Left Unsaid for the Playwrights for Change

Empathy in Action: Combating Bullying competition because it shows my empathy for other

victims of bullying from when two classmates of mine and I were victims of bullying, what I had

done to stand up against it, and my interpretation for the reasons behind bullying as of means to

provide comfort for those who have been victimized.

This year, two of my classmates and I had faced the same bully who I had portrayed as the

character, Hector- I named the antagonist Hector because its definition is bully. I was

persecuted for my race, gender, for being a feminist, and for being an ally to the LGBT

community. Our bully would physically and verbally harass my colleagues and I especially when

a teacher was present. I had seeked rescue from my classmates and teachers who had remained

as bystanders which had not been of success until a faculty member had stepped in to

temporarily revoke our bullys position in the student council. The harassment had barely ceased

to exist. Soon after, I witnessed an episode after our bully had been punished, where a friend of

our bully had verbally harassed my classmate from across the street as they were walking home.

Our bully was persistent but this did not discourage me from braving them. Eventually, after

many encounters of our bully where I defended my colleagues and I, our bully retreated


I originally wrote this script to pour out my negative thoughts and experiences of bullying. My

script for the most part, was built from the quotes and actions of the people that I had based my

characters on. I had based the character Morgan on myself because I felt that my actions to put a

stop to the harassment were similar to that of a protagonists. I can comprehend what victims of

bullying have gone through and I hope to inspire them to overpower their harassers and put an
end to the persecution. From what I have seen from my understanding of bullying, by reflecting

how one feels from the effect of bullying onto the oppressor, the bully does not appear as

frightening as before.

This script is a depiction of my comprehension of bullying, my success for the actions I had

made against my tormentor, and my passionate aim to encourage victims of bullying to stand up

for themselves just as I did.