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History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015


Directions:- This paper contains History Examination for Grad 10. The
examination paper contains 80 questions. There is only one best answer for
each item. Choose the best answer from the suggested options and waite the
letter of your choice on the answer sheet.

Time allowed 1:30

1. Specialization of work was the outcome of
A) Conflict among communities
B) Sedentary way of life
C) Surpless production
D) Development of urbanization
2. Historians prefer more original materials during their study for the

purpose of its
A) Tangibility C) Nearness
B) Simpircity D) Accessibility
3. which workers organization tried to solve their problems by destructing

the machine they work with?
A) Chartests C) Capitalists
B) Luddites D) Scientific socialism
4. The concept so called the “Edict of Milan” ordered by Emperor

Constantine of Rome in the 4th c was
A) Conflict resolution signed b/n spain and portuguse in Latin
B) Religious toleration that saved Christian from perscuation
C) War declared to save Palestine not to fall in the hands Muslim Arabs
D) Peace agreement signed b/n Romans and Carthage.
5. Which European countries formed united nation state in the 2nd half of

19th c?
A) France and Germany
B) Spain and Rumania
C) Italy and Germany
D) Poland and Norway

6. The one that found at the olduvaiGorge of Tanzania was
A) Homo Erectus C) Homo sapiens
B) Homo Habilis D) Niyandertal man

7. The ancient civilization of maya and Inca were mostly destroyed by

Oromia Educational Burea

The earliest Gibe state was A) Jimma C) LimmuEnariya B) Gumma D) Gera 10. Which title was an important during the zemenemesafint over the rest? A) Dejazamach C) Nigus B) RasBitweded D) Mesafin 9. The group that fought against the unity of America during their civil war was A) The federal state C) the northern B) The unionist D) The confederates 12. Which market center of the long distance trade of the 19thC located along south western to Norhtern region of Ethiopia? A) Dawe C) AliyuAmba B) Anchaaro D) Asandabo 13. Mukarib was A) Palace of an ancient Sumerians B) Political and religious title of south Arabians C) Gold mines areas of ancient kush Oromia Educational Burea . At which peace Treat Yohannis IV won the submission of NigusMenelik? A) Liche C) Borumeda B) Hewett D) Mereb convention 16. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) A) Portuguse C) England B) Spain D) France 8. The one that declared catholicism as official religion of the Christian king dom was A) LebeneDingel C) Tewodros II B) Susenyos D) Iyoas 11. One is not the end goal of nationalism A) Pride of one’s own country B) Mutual interests and instituttions C) One religion and belief D) Common goal for national interests 15. The last rule of yejju dynasty of wollo Oromo was A) Mohammad Ali C) RasGugsa B) Ali II D) Yimam 14.

The forces of Egypt that advanced to Emirate of Harar was commanded by A) Colonel Arrendrup B) Mohammad Rauf pasha C) Warner munzinger D) Kadhive Ismail 24. During the Italian announcement of protectorate over Ethiopia which European country reserved recognition? A) France C) Britain B) Germany D) Russia 25. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) D) Trade center of sub – Saharan regions 17. Who was the founder of the Holy Roman Empire? A) Otto the Great of Germany B) Napoleon III of France C) James II of England D) Ignatiuis Loyola of spain 20. Identity the language that does not belongs to semetic A) Argobba C) Harari B) Silte D) Alaba 18. The first city state that probably grow in to large Empire was A) Greece C) Carthage B) Kush D) Aksum 19. Who brought to an end the era of zemenemesafint? A) Yohannis IV C) Emperor TekleGiyolgis B) Tewodros II D) NrgusMenelik 23. Which Christian high land king lost his life while fighting with muslim sultanate of Adal? A) Dawit C) YekunoAmlak B) Zara yaqob D) Yeshaq 22. Motalami was the well – known ruler of A) Hadya C) Damot B) Ifat D) Walayta 21. All of the following battles fought with mahdist Sudan except A) Gura C) Kufit B) Metema D) Sarwuha Oromia Educational Burea .

The main reason for the shift of the politrcal center of Christian kingdom from shewa to lake Tana regron in the mid 16thc was A) Pressure from muslim sultanate of adal B) Political instability the christains faced at the period C) Pressure from the Oromo during their expansion D) The invasion of Egyptians from Noth Eastern direction 30. Which one was the political consequence of Iww? A) Death of civilians B) Spread of famine and disease C) Removal of old dynasties from their position D) Destruction of industrial plants Oromia Educational Burea . Which battle fought to restored the position of LijIyasu? A) Embabo C) Anchim B) Segele D) Chalako 33. In the Gada system of the Oromo the head of chaffe elected democratically among the age group of A) Luba age-grade C) Dori age – grade B) Gada age – grade D) Daballe age-grade 29. Which battle ended the aim of Turkish expansion to Europe in 1570’s ? A) Waterloo C) Tour B) Stalin grand D) Lepanto 28. C) Hero of Wollo muslim Oromo during the Gordarine period D) Leader of Harari during Egyptian invasion of the Emirate 27. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) 26. One was not among the Hausa city state A) Kano B) Gobir C) Zamfara D) Soso 31. Who was Hassan Enjamo? A) Patriotic of walayta during Menelik’s expansion to south B) Leader of Gurage and siltethat opposed menelik expansion to the region. Which one is the outcome of American war of independence? A) Brought the liberation of America from British colony B) Abolished slavery system fromAmarica C) Assassination of Abraham Lincoin D) Gave citizens to Red Indians 32. In the process of monarchical building the one that removed in 1930 was A) Abawuqew C) Dej Balcha Safo B) RasGugsa D) Fitawerari Habte Giyorgis 34.

The one that appointed as aleader of Black Lion Organization durng the Italian temperory occupation of Ethiopia was A) Dej. One region did not engaged in the war of the zemene mesafint (Era of warlords) A) Tigrai C) Gojjem B) Wollo D) Shewa 38. One was not among the reforms of Napoleon III of France A) Decentralization of power to provences B) Employement and promotion to officials C) Took step to expanded education to the masses D) Collection of revenue from the provences 42. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) 35. Which Christian king established good relation with mamluk Egypt to respect the rights of Coptic minorities? A) Zerayacob C) Geladiwos B) SersaDingel D) Iyoas 39. The agreement of Hewett Treaty of 1884 more aimed at A) Restoration Bogos to Ethiopia B) Save evacuation of trapped Egyptian soldiers C) Demarcating boundary b/n Ethiopia and Egypt occupied lands Oromia Educational Burea . Balcha Safo C) RasImiru Haile Silase B) Geresu Duki D) RasDestaDamtew 36. In which stage of slave trade that an individual Marchants and adventures took part? A) Monopolistic C) free trade B) Triangular D) Piratic 41. In the Gada system of the Oromo political power was held through A) Blood relation C) clan based back ground B) Size of property D) achievements 37. From the following state one was not mentioned in the document of Christian highland kingdom and remained an independent until 1890’s A) Walayta C) Kaffa B) Hadya D) Bizamo 43. The Glorious revolution of England A) Marked the victory of English autocracy B) Brought the victory of the parliament C) Ended the Catholic religion in England D) It ended the reign of Queen Elsabeth 40.

The document that explain Aksumities marchants were visited the land as far as south of Abay river to buy gold for their rulers was A) Christian Topagraphy B) The peripus of Erythrean sea C) The Nine saints D) The legacies left by musli mmarchants 47. The Renaissance did not concerned with A) Freedom of thought B) Use vernacular language Oromia Educational Burea . The world’s first system of writing. One was the basic reason for the fall down of Aksumites state A) The rise of muslim Arabs and their control over the Red sea trade routes B) Opposition they faced from the zagwe rulers C) Invasion of kush from the south western direction D) Political instability among the Aksumites rulers 49. The correct order in taking power after the death of prophet Mohammad was A) Ali – Othman – AbuBakar – Umar B) Umar – Othman – Ali – AbuBakar C) AbuBakar – Umar – Othman – Ali D) Umar – Ali – Umar – AbuBakar 46. The zagwe dynasty remembered in Ethiopian History for their A) Monopoly over Redsea trade routes B) Territorial expansion to south direction C) Remarkable architectural achievements D) Confrontation to muslim expansion to the north 48. Which event took place first interms of time? A) Britsh military expendition to Ethiopia B) Borumeda religious conference C) The Bogos crisis D) Battle of Ayshal 45. cuneiform. Villages of middle age were known as A) Manors C) serfs B) Vessals D) knights 51. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) D) Egyptian evacuation from massawa 44. was invented by A) Persians C) Punisians B) Sumerians D) Egyptians 50.

Domestication plants and animals started during the period of ? A) Mesolithic C) Neolithic B) Paleolithic D) New stone age 55. One was not the reform of LijIyasu A) Out lawed the lebashay B) Improved method of asrat collection C) Introduced an auditing system D) Established friendly relation with major European powers 58. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) C) Study of ancient Grece and Roman arts D) Use of one common religion and beliefs 52. Which part benefited from the Triangular slave trade? A) Africans C) Americans B) Asians D) Europeans 54. The secret police that established in Russia to suppress the counter revolutionary during the October Revolution of 1917 was A) Bolsheviks C) Cheka B) Mensheviks D) white armies 60. As mau mau was to Kenya ____ was to Tanzania A) Mahdist C) Bataka B) Maji maji D) The riff 53. Which conference was held to discuss the problems with in Ethiopian Orthodox church in the 1870’s A) Liche C) Borumeda B) Hewett D) Adwa 57. The oldest political party in Africa is A) Wafd party Oromia Educational Burea . Which two European countries near to war at Fashoda? A) France and Britain B) German and Belgium C) Italy and France D) Portuguse and spain 56. The country that was not the member of Entente powers was A) France B) Britain C) Russia D) Germany 59.

The Goan heights of syria and Gaza strip of Egypt seized by Israel during the A) Six day Arab – Israel war B) By the yom kippur war C) By the suez canal crisis D) By the 1st Arab – Israael war 66. Zionism was A) An International Arabs Organization B) The Jewish International Organization aimed at their return back to the land C) An anti . From the following countries one was not the colony of British A) Sudan C) Libya B) Egypt D) Ghana Oromia Educational Burea . The France forces in Vietnam defeated at the battle of A) Dien Bien phy C) Viet cong B) Formosa D) Ngo DinhDiem 64.Dastur party D) West African national congress 61. DestaDamtew D) Ras Siyoum Mengesha 62.Jewish migration to their home land D) An Arab – Israel International agreement on the partation of Palestine 65. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) B) African Narional congress C) Neo. Which one is an international Organization? A) African union C) United Nation B) European Economic Community D) The Arab League 63. From the following patriotic one was not fought Italians in the Northern front A) Ras MulugetaYegezu B) Ras Imiru Haile Silasse C) Dej.

History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) Oromia Educational Burea .

Which provences more experienced peasant rebellion during the monarchical rule of Haile Silase I A) Wollo and Hararge B) Bale and Gojjem C) Wollega and Kaffa D) Borana and Sidamo 69. One was not found under the confederacy of Barentu A) Tullema C) Guji B) Mecha D) Karayu 72. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) 67. The group of patriotic that lived and worked with Italians but supplied useful information for the Ethipian side during the five years temporary occupation were called A) Badas C) Militias B) Inner patriotic D) Gurriela fighters Oromia Educational Burea . Which Christian king remained fugitive of war while the kinngdomwas dominated by muslim sultanate of Adal? A) Fasiledes C) YekunoAmlak B) SerseDirgel D) LebeneDingel 71. Which one paired wrongly? A) Kaffa – Gakiserecho B) Walayta – Tona C) Dawaro – Motalami D) LeqaNaqamte – KumsaMoroda 73. The devastating famine of 1974 exposed to the International Community by : A) Ethiopian gov’t B) Journalist jonathanDimbilby C) Ethiopian mass – media D) Food and agricultural organization 70. African rsistance against colonial rule failed for the following reason except A) Lack of unity among African resistance forces B) Use modern army by the colonizers C) Lack of resources and human powers in Africa D) Collabration some African rulers with colonizers for the purpose of protection 68.

Cape Town Oromia Educational Burea . One not an indication for the Violation of Varsialles Peace Treaty A) Repid rearmament of Germany B) Withdrawal of Japan from league of Nation C) Italian invasion of Ethiopia D) Israel control of some Arab territories 75. The leading body of United Nation Organization is A) The General Assembly B) The Security Council C) The Secretary General D) The Economic and Social council 78. The first non-alligned mov’t Countries held their Conference at A) Egypt – Cairo C) India – New Delhi B) Indonesia – Bandung D) South Africa . The Close – Door policy that isolated Ethiopia from Christian Europe for about one and half century was declared by A) Tewodros II C) Fasiledes B) Yohannis IV D) Susenyos 76. Which country dominated Ethiopia for adecade after the liberation from Temperory occupation of Italians? A) America C) Russia B) British D) Gemany 77. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) 74.

The basic reason for the failarity of the 1960 coup was A) Misuse of poison gas against civilians B) Inter ferance of foreign powers C) Strong resistance from Church D) Failarity to participate the army groups 80. History Model Exam for Grade 10 (2007/2015) 79. The programme known as the Dev’tThrough Cooperation Campaign was aimed at A) Implementing aliteracy program in the rular areas B) Divison of rural land to the landless peasants C) Facilitating sanitation programe to the masses D) Defending the country’s boundry from foriegn attacks Oromia Educational Burea .