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After the fire BEFORE

You must not get in the building until

the autorities allow it.
You should hire an electrical techni- Fires
cian for review all the electrical insta-

You have to take care with the floor
and roof.
You shouldnt conected any public
You must take out all the contami-
nated food. DURING
You have to check all the electrical
You shouldnt use the stove until a
electrical technician check it out.
You have to clean your house.


Gmez Flores Mariana

2 I M
What to do in case of Before, During and
What is a fire?
fire? After.
A fire is occurrence of fire uncontrolled that
Before the fire You must roll if your cloth is
can damage structures, human, animals, plants
You should check all the electrical burning.
that are not destined to burn. You must not scream.
installation in your house at least
There are different kinds of fire: once in a month. You may know that the most
You should fix your iron, washing important is safe your life.
Fires with combustible material (solid, liquid,
machine, if they are discompose as If you see a fire extinguisher you
gas, metals, oils)
fast as you can. have to use in the correct way.
Fires by place (urban, industrial, forestry,
You must not cover lamps with You must walk away when you
cloth when they are on. leave the fire.
Fires by magnitude (conato, partial, total)
You must keep out of children
Fires by risk (light, ordinary, extraordinary) candles, stove, flammable material. If you are locked in a room.
Fire with combustible material You must not smoke in You must close the door.
It depends what kind of combustible material is
bedrooms. You must close any smoke entrance
for example solid, liquid, gas, metals, oils etc.
You must not leave candles on with towels, curtains.
when you leave your home. You must call the firefighters as fast
Fire by place You should have to hand a as you can.
Urban fires: place with houses and buildings. flashlight. You must lie on the floor.
You must have emergency phone You have to cover your mouth with
Industrial fire: industries, warehouses, factories.
numbers. a wet cloth.
Forestry fire: trees, leaves, bushes, roots, herbs You have to take the door and feel if
etc. During the fire
it is hot, if so you may not open and
You must keep calm.
Transportation fire: vehicles, means of transport. you should use an alternative exit if
You must call the firefighters. there is one.
Fires by magnitude You must no use the elevators.
Conato: is a small fire which can be suffocated You have to climb to the rooftop, if
with standard fire extinguisher. you can.
Partial fire: cover part of buildings or houses. You have to follow a wall, if it is
Total fire: These fires are out of control and it
affects, houses, buildings, installations, etc. If there is more people in the
Fires by risk building and you know how to help
them do it, if you not , you must
It can be light, ordinary or extraordinary and it retire.
depends if there are a lot of people involved, con-
struction material and the flammables material You must not run.
inside the building.