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School Data Profile

Select a school of interest to you.

Research the school using educational websites, such as the districts website and your states
Department of Education, to locate the information requested below.

Note: Most state Departments of Education websites contain school performance data.

Complete the information on your selected school below.

Name of school Wyoming Valley West Middle School

Grades offered 6-8

Number and types of 1 Principal, 2 Assistant Principals


Number of school counselors 3

Number of teachers 80

Number and types of support


Organizational hierarchy of The hierarchy starts at the top with the Superintendent, then goes to
district school supervision (For the Director of Secondary Education, and finally the Building
example, is there a director of Administrator (Principal). There is no director of pupil services or
pupil services? Is there a lead lead counselor. The Head Principal evaluates counseling work.
counselor? Who evaluates your
counseling work?)

# %
Total number of students 1122
Gifted 5.17
English language learner 0.45

Special education 21.12

Economically disadvantaged 63.64

Breakdown of students by American Indian/Alaskan Native (not Hispanic) 0.18
ethnic background Asian (not Hispanic) 1.16
Black or African American (not Hispanic) 8.82
Hispanic (any race) 6.42
Multi-Racial (not Hispanic) 5.44
White (not Hispanic) 77.99
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (not Hispanic) 0

Attendance rate (Disaggregate 93.16

by ethnicity, if possible.)
Dropout rate 0

Graduation rate (high school N/A


Academic Performance
Percentage of students N/A
attending 4-year colleges (high
school only)

Average SAT scores (high N/A

school only)

Standardized test scores Mathematics/Algebra I - Percent Proficient or Advanced on PSSA

(Use statewide assessments, 22.43
PSSAs, and keystones.) ELA/Literature- Percent Proficient or Advanced on PSSA 54.69
Science/Biology - Percent Proficient or Advanced on PSSA 51.38

Sources used to create the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile- Pennsylvania

school data profile Department of Education, Retrieved from:

Narrative overview of the Wyoming Valley West Middle School is a public middle school in
school (e.g., location, areas of Kingston, Pennsylvania, a suburban area of Northeastern
strength and need, special Pennsylvania. It houses over 1100 students in grades 6, 7, and 8.
programming, and information The school qualifies for Title I and provides both special education
about parent participation and services and well as gifted educations services. The school has
programs) recently shown improvement in closing the achievement gap in ELA
and Math PSSA tests.

In order to encourage parent participation, the school participates in

the PA PROSPER Program. PROSPER teaches skills and attitudes
that foster improved family life and parent-child communication and
provides students with skills for planning, problem-solving, and peer
pressure behaviors. The school currently implements the
Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth for all 5th
and 6th grade families and All Stars for all 7th grade students.

The school has many strong academic extracurricular programs and

has award winners annually in History Day, Pennsylvania Junior
Academy of Science, and PA Math Counts. There is generally good
parent participation and parents are actively involved in academic,
athletic and extracurricular programs. The school has a good
relationship with the community and frequently participates in
community fundraising and awareness events.

Some areas in which the school experiences need include

technology and school security. The school lacks up to date
technology, and most students do not regularly get to use
technology equipment. There is no resource officer present in the
building, despite the fact that several other district buildings have a
police officer present.