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Key Terms

Events, Programs, & Initiatives Influencing ECE

Term Definition

General Terms

program A planned, coordinated group of activities

initiative An introductory step to begin taking action to reach a goal

accountability The state of being responsible, answerable

at-risk In imminent danger of harm, loss, or failure

educating A concept of teaching as both teaching and care-giving

rigor Strict, with extremely high standards

Types of ECE Programs

child care center A place for care of children for a large portion of their waking day; includes
basic caretaking activities (eating, dressing, resting, and toileting) as well
as playing and learning time

compensatory Education that is intended to provide what is missing froma child’s
education experiences or environment

comprehensive A program that is concerned with all types of children’s needs --- physical,
intellectual, social, emotional, creative, and health

exemplary Commendable; able to serve as a model

a school for testing and analysis of educational or psychological theory and practice. or coaching . program school designed for children aged two-and-a-half to five years. may be part-of-a-day or an all-day program tutorial Pertaining to private instruction. teaching. with opportunities for experimentation and observation partnership Two or more persons or groups sharing in an action or endeavor traditional nursery The core of early childhood educational theory and practice.nonprofit Organized to earn only enough income to meet operating expenses for-profit Organized to earn income above and beyond operating expenses laboratory school An educational setting whose purposes include experimental study.