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Narrative tenses Recupero


**1 Abbina la prima parte alla seconda parte (a-b) **3 Completa le frasi con la forma corretta dei verbi
delle frasi. tra parentesi.
0 I went to the cinema 0 The students were getting (get) on the bus when the
a then I have been to the restaurant. teacher called (call) them back.
b then I went to the restaurant. ✓ 1 They ___________ (have) dinner when she ______
1 I was listening to the radio (ask) him to marry her.
a when the door bell was ringing. 2 I ______ (just / wash) the dog when he ______ (start)
b when the doorbell rang. rolling around in the mud.
2 I’ve been to many interesting places 3 ___________ (he / ask) you where you _______ (go)
a in my life. when he _____ (see) you?
b last year. 4 His hands ___ (be) dirty because he _______ (work)
3 I had already got on the train in the garden all afternoon.
a when I had realized I didn’t have my ticket. 5 When I _______ (leave) school I ___________ (not
b when I realized I didn’t have my ticket. start) work immediately.
4 I wasn’t at school yesterday 6 I ____________ (not be) to this town before so it is
a because I haven’t felt well. quite exciting for me.
b because I didn’t feel well. 7 How long __________________ (you / live) in this
5 The accident happened house?
a while we were driving to work. 8 She ____________ (spend) all her money while she
b while we drove to work ______ (be) at the disco.
6 Before this holiday 9 ________________ (you / finish) your homework
a I didn’t go to England yet? I __________ .
b I hadn’t been to England.
**4 Completa il testo con la forma corretta dei verbi
**2 Sottolinea l’alternativa corretta. tra parentesi.
1 She was trying / has tried to get out of the window Last Sunday I 0 went (go) to a party and it was the best
when the firemen were arriving / arrived. party I 1___________ (be) to for a long time. There
2 I have / had never read a newspaper and I don’t want ___________ (be) lots of people there, some friends
/ hadn’t wanted to start now. from university and some friends that I 3___________
3 They lived / have lived in that house all their lives (not see) since school. We 4___________ (dance) and
before they have died / died. ___________ (chat) all evening until Zac’s parents
4 David had been / was at the party too long so he had ___________ (come) home. The funniest thing
decided / decided to leave. happened when we 7___________ (dance) and suddenly
5 The email was sent / had sent by Matt but it had there 8___________ (be) a knock on the door, everything
been written / wrote by John. went quiet and when Zac 9___________ (open) the door
6 I was having / had a great time at the disco when my there were two policemen 10___________ (be) there. We
dad had arrived / arrived to take me home. all 11___________ (think) they had come to stop the
7 She had / has never seen him before, it was / had party but they were two more friends who
been love at first sight. ___________ (dress up) as policemen for the party so
8 She has / had always wanted to go to university and they 13___________ (come) in and we 14___________
now she has / had a chance. (dance) away for the rest of the night.

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