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Key Terms:

Trends and Opportunities in Early Childhood


Term Definition

Career Trends

trend A direction of change; an overall direction in which a system is moving

societal Relating to the activities and customs of human beings collectively

educational Relating to the system used to impart knowledge and skills

workplace Relating to the system within which people pursue careers and perform

dual-career family A family with two breadwinners, each working in a different field of work

mobility The amount of movement from place to place.

diverse Containing many differences

private preschool A preschool that is privately owned and managed, not part of the public
school system

flexible Changeable

family leave Approved time away from work to attend to family responsibilities

Career Opportunities
coordinator A person who manages parts and people within a system to produce
desired results

teacher A person who educates; one who imparts knowledge and skills

director A person who is in charge of an organization or system

aide A person who helps someone else perform a task

assistant A person who helps someone else perform a task

counselor A person who gives advice

guide A person who points the way; a person who conducts tours

architect A person who designs space for living or working

mediator A person in a middleposition who helps settle a disagreement

author A writer of an original work

instructor A community college/college/university teacher ranking below an assistant


professor A college or university teacher of the highest rank

nurse A person trained to take care of the sick

nurse practitioner One who practices a profession or art

camp director One who manages a camp, usually in the summer