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Acceptable Housing and

s i n
Core Housing Need


The term acceptable

housing refers to housing
that is adequate in
condition, suitable in size
and affordable.

• ADEQUATE housing
Advocating for affordable, inclusive does not require any
and supportive housing options. major repairs, according
to residents.
- Spring 2017 Newsletter - • SUITABLE housing has
enough bedrooms for the
size and make-up of the
Who Are We? Did you know? household.
We are a diverse group of stakeholders, • The median annual • AFFORDABLE housing
partners and community members with a income of the total costs less than 30% of
purpose to advocate for affordable, population aged 15 before tax household
inclusive and supportive housing options years and over in income.
for all residents of Shelburne County. Shelburne County is
A household is in CORE
Our group offers advocacy and a collective
• Average rent in South housing does not meet one
voice on housing issues, information
West Nova Scotia or more of the adequacy,
sharing and capacity building,
ranges from $556 - $579 suitability or affordability
collaboration, partnerships and networking
and almost half of standards and it would
opportunities as well as community
renters are paying more have to spend 30% or
than 30% of their income more of its before-tax
on housing, placing them household income for
We’re always looking for new members,
in core housing need. alternative local housing.
if you’re interested, reach out!

- Programs & services -
Rent Supplement Program low income property tax rebates
This program provides affordable rental If you own a home and your household income falls within policy
housing to low income families, seniors guidelines for the area in which you live, you may qualify for a
and individuals. The units are in both property tax rebate. Call or check out the policy links below to see if
privately owned apartments/apartment you can save money on your property taxes.
buildings and cooperative/non-profit
Town of Shelburne -
housing projects across Nova Scotia.
income.html - 902-875-2991
A rental subsidy is paid to landlords or
Town of Lockeport - 902-656-2216
cooperative/non-profit housing projects
Municipality of Shelburne -
and is based on how much the tenant can
552-low-income-property-tax-exemption/file.html - 902-875-3544
Municipality of Barrington -
To qualify for this program, the applicant
property-tax-rebate.html - 902-637-2015
must complete an application form with
Town of Clarks Harbour - 902-745-2390
their local Housing Authority and meet the
guidelines for income, residency and/or opportunities for developers
need. Housing Nova Scotia is committed to increasing the supply of
Residents for rent supplement units are affordable housing for low and moderate income Nova Scotians.
chosen from public housing program Financial assistance is provided to businesses and not-for-profit
waitlists. Your supplement amount is organizations for the construction or renovation, and operation of
based on your household income and paid affordable rental housing. For more information call 902-424-8445
directly to the landlord. or visit

. as well as keeping up to date on what options. warm and affordable housing. . within the community. provincial election advocacy. “Mental “Many of our clients have difficulty finding illness is a safe. Some of our Shelburne County Senior Safety & Services Society plans for the coming year involve housing news Info Hotline: 1-800-565-0397 updates and newsletters. and maintaining a home. what In your role as MLA.” fall in the low Contact Us Phone: (902) 875-3544 ext. Others need to live closer to services and employment opportunities. Lack huge issue in of housing is a huge issue and there’s “Although they relation to such a huge waitlist for social housing. Some are thinking about where they will live when they can no longer live at home. Taking action to ensure everyone has access to a healthy. YOU CAN MAKE HOUSING AN ELECTION ISSUE Ask a Candidate: In your opinion. and there are many opportunities for the Provincial government to work with community to take action together. election advocacy - Many people are concerned about the cost of renting. and Partnerships.” income housing category the stock is not at all safe. clean. exploring Senior Services offers assistance to seniors in accessing housing project/service options with municipal units affordable housing with both public and private housing and partners. 226 Safe & Affordable Housing in the Tri-Counties . buying. Advocacy. and are relevant to the many challenges confronting Nova Scotia. The housing challenges our communities face are complex. safe and affordable place to call home benefits us all. They also provide help with home grants and other areas are doing in terms of housing and how offer supports to promote safety and living at home or those things might work in our communities. WHAT WE’RE UP TO - The Shelburne County Housing Coalition’s 2017-18 Action Plan has four categories. developer and landlord engagement. what steps What is your party’s plan for are the housing needs and actions will you take as our taking action on the diverse of people living in representative to address housing needs of Nova your riding? housing challenges locally? Scotians? Candidate responses will be circulated on May 19th. warm or affordable.” Email: shelburnecohousing@gmail. but are unable to find housing options suitable for their needs. Understanding/ Information Gathering. including Communication/Education.