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Cold War in Guatemala 

Monday January 6, 1980 — 2 pages 0.99

Editorial Eyewitness Story

In 1954, the President Eyewitness, Jacob Kenneth,
of Guatemala Colonel Jacobo gives us his point of view of how
Arbenz Guzman Bermejo, also he feels about the overthrow of
known as Arbenz, was forced Arbenz. “I hated him. He was
out of the office by the democratically elected, which
(1954) One of a series of photos by American CIA. Prior to this act, was the only cool part, but i can
Cornell Capa, documenting the in 1951 Arbenz was elected to tell he liked communism. If i saw
sweet,short-lived dream of life under a become the new president of him, I’d punch him in the face. He
democracy. Photo credit: ​Cornell Capa was a bad leader. I hate him. I’m
______________________________ Guatemala. Jacobo Arbenz was
democratically elected, when he so glad we forced him out of
Background Information office.” We can obviously tell how
Jacobo Arbenz was elected was put into office, it was as a
jacob feels. He said he was part
president of Guatemala in 1951, democrat. President Eisenhower
of the Guatemalian Army and he
after the revolution with Dr. Juan believed that Arbenz was close
stood against Arbenz. He chose
jose Arevalo in October 1944. and could easily be influenced not to fight against the Armas’
Within a year or so, president by communism. During the because he didn’t want to risk his
Truman authorized the CIA to plan Cold War, the United States life for a man he hates.
to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz. In tried to contain communism He believes that it is best
June of 1952, the united Fruit around the world, using the for the country that Arbenz stays
Company finds out it will lose over “containment policy.” By out and leaves to Mexico. He
70% of its land which was kept to minimizing the spread of strongly stated that he hated
raise the price of bananas. A little communism and un-american Arbenz multiple times. We know
less than a year later, they offered acts in Guatemala, the United times in Guatemala are rough,
to trade the United Fruit States met its goals. This shows but he still holds hatred for the
how the U.S actions during the man that once led that country.
Company’s idle land for bonds that
are the same price as the land’s Cold War were justified and
value for tax purposes, which was consistent with American
values. Statistical Information
around $16 million. In March of
1953, the Secretary of State advises In the overview article
one, in 1954 it was stated that Compared to the U.S, Guatemala
that we overthrow Arbenz. is nothing but another third world
President Eisenhower was trying to “President Eisenhower believed
country. America’s GDP per
watch out for the “domino effect” Arbenz was sympathetic to
capita, amount brought in by
Communist in the Soviet Union,

000.7% office.881. He needed to be overthrown following our U. “.1. in Latin America. In policy as the United States. d’etat with Carlos Castillo Armas administration.. Arbenz countries and any country that Country Guatemala resigned as president of Guatemala is easily influenced by after their army refused to defend communist. the American CIA gave wanted Arbenz out of office as him the “hit lists” of communist fast as possible. weaken. However into communism. That Infant 386. Even though we GDP per 251 him against the raid. million dollars on the operation.000 dictators and the communist CIA to weaken. standing the CIA planned to spend about 2 isolate. Communism ruins countries. In July of kept communism as much as capita 1954. isolate.authorized Population 3. standing at 1954 rolls around and the CIA morals.6.900. and supporters.S’s. he was close and could easily be influenced by the communist power.600.” Arbenz was Comparing to United States.. and being that we are capitalist. Armas becomes leader of possible out of America.6 years of military dictatorship in is why president Eisenhower Mortality Rate Guatemala. and arm him with weapons while he meant to be overthrown because 30. force out office Arbenz and his my third world countries’ death The CIA wanted to perform coup democratically-elected upon infant rate is around 386. we do not believe in communism.7%. To stick to our morals of democracy and containing communism. so he authorized the CIA to each person. Also. America obviously has a higher population. 5 months later.900. We needed to aid Guatemala with a new leader even though we had the . his didn’t want it to slip into the government then began over 50 smaller. we junta ruling all of Guatemala.”(primary source 1) Growth Rate shows how the CIA literally forced Arbenz out of office. Guatemala’s was only to Guatemala to show that they are were trying to contain about 3. As Americans. provided support for the Armas’ it out of small 3rd world invading Guatemala. force out Arbenz from Population 2. is 2. weaker countries.S morals. and ultimately next to Guatemala’s 251. Our main goal and population growth rate at 2.7% weapons from Czechoslovakia. we needed to overthrow him and put in Colonel Carlos Castillo Armes to take over. even though Guatemala’s president was democratically elected. It ironically communism as much as Guatemala did have a 1% higher happened that Arbenz bought possible. keeping 1. February he was to close with communist the U. was compared to the United States June (18-27) the US Air Force to contain communism. Guatemala’s soars above is living in Nicaragua. we around 180. We need it to stay in the Soviet Union and only there.000 during the plans to ship soviet-made weapons didn’t want that because we 1960’s.

depicting the Dulles brothers. the American ambassador Peurifoy. Diego Rivera’s famous mural: “Gloriosa Victoria”. United Fruit Company in South America. and Eisenhower’s face on a bomb greeting Castillo Armas. . The archbishop of Guatemala blesses their unholy coup while the men stand over the corpses of Guatemalan victims.