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Psychology I Course Syllabus

Contact Information
Instructor: Arianne Frink
Room: C141

Course Objective
Psychology is an introduction to the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. In this course, you will
study practical applications of psychological theories through scientific experimentation and theoretical investigation.
You will not be a psychologist by the end of the trimester, but you should have a better understanding of how and why
humans think and act the way they do!

Course Overview
Unit 1: Intro to Psychology
Unit 2: The Biology of Psychology
Unit 3: Sensation & Perception
Unit 4: States of Consciousness
Unit 5: Psychological Disorders

Course Materials
Textbook: Blair-Broeker, C.T. and Ernst, R.M. Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, 2nd ed. New York:

Google Classroom
Because this class is paperless, using Google Classroom will be necessary to complete all assignments. School username
and password are required to access the site. The calendar will be updated daily with the days agenda, homework, and
links to assignments. If you are absent, you should check the calendar on Google Classroom to see what you
missed in class that day. As upperclassmen, all students are expected to take the initiative to complete missing
assignments and to learn missed concepts.

Grading Policy
The final exam is worth 15% of your final grade.
The remaining 85% of your grade will be calculated on the following scale:
Quizzes and Tests - 25%
Homework, Outlines and Other Assignments - 35%
Blogs & Projects - 25%
Participation - 15%

Classroom Expectations
1. Students are expected to come to class prepared to work.
2. Be prepared to use technology appropriately.
3. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to look at Google Classroom for any make up work BEFORE you
return to class. If you have questions after looking at Google Classroom, please see me before or after class.
4. If you have an excused absence, you have as many days as you missed to make up the work.
5. Work that is more than one day late will automatically receive a 50%.
6. If you have an unanticipated excused absence (illness or family emergency) on the day of a test, or the day an
assignment is due, you must make-up the work on the day you return to school.
7. Relax and enjoy the class! We are going to have a great time learning some really cool stuff!

*Note: This syllabus is subject to change over the course of the trimester depending on the needs of students.