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To whom it may concern


Kedavion has been my student in American Sign Language for two years. Over these
two years I have seen Kedavion grow and develop into a person with a variety of passions and
interests. Kedavion’s interests range from culinary to American Sign Language. Kedavion’s
passion in these areas allow himself to truly blossom and showcase his drive and focus. He is
involved with many after school activities, and yet he can still balance his hectic schedule.
Kedavion has the ability to navigate his school work and his extracurriculars. When Kedavion is
focused on a task he is able to give all of his effort. I have personally witnessed his dedicated
work in the classroom and his involvement with interpreter club.
Being a student interpreter for the school plays is a rigorous undertaking. The
students need to be able to memorize all of their parts in a different language, while mimicking
the actor’s tone and demeanor on stage. Kedavion has been involved in interpreter club for his
whole senior year of high school. For both of the plays Kedavion has interpreted for, he has
shown follow through and immense dedication. Despite his busy schedule, he has been able to
put in the countless hours of after school and lunch rehearsals to prepare for these plays.
Whatever endeavor Kedavion is pursuing, I highly recommend him because of all the reasons
stated above. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Alexandra Wagner
ASL Teacher
Great Oak High School