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SENIOR PROJECT SELF-EVALUATION Directions: Utilize this worksheet to help evaluate yourself and your project. Be as complete and descriptive as possible. This self-evaluation should give the scoring team a clear picture of what you accomplished in your project. Name - Abigail Rose Mills Project Start Date – January 27, 2017 Title of Project - Perpetual Jealousy Project Completion Date - April 8, 2017 (ongoing) 1. In 40 words or more describe who your project benefited and how. In other words, what was the impact of your project? My project benefitted the National Eating Disorder Association directly as funds were raised to be donated to this philanthropic organization. NEDA directly benefits eating disorder patients and their families. I was able to centralize this issue with NEDA funds. Also, with the help of my Social Media (to be discussed later), I am able to better advertise for my Chapbook I created for my Senior Project. 2. In at least 40 words explain how the project challenged you. How was this a stretch for you? This project was a challenge for me because of the personal implications unto my own issues. ALso, articulating emotions that have overwhelmed me for years was very personal. One of the poems featured in my chapbook, Caustic Clarity, illustrated a parallel between grief and eating disorders; I quite literally cried the whole time I wrote it. This emotional block was hard to break through, and then nearly impossible to stop. It was a stretch but it allowed me to strongly advocate for the cause of my life. 3. List and then describe 5-8 fundamental ideas/concepts/skills of your project, which you learned/enhanced during your project. Please use a table format as shown in the example below. Advocacy Essentially, the core of my senior project (all LSA projects) is advocacy. Above all else, I had to turn my in depth legal research paper into a societal solution- this is the essence of advocacy. Marketing This project required a copious amount of marketing. I had to market Perpetual Jealousy, my Baked Goods for the bake sale, and market the legitimacy of NEDA. Poetry This was a poetic project, and essentially my whole book was poetry. Networking Through Facebook and Instagram, I had to sell ideals of breaking through stigma, the legitimacy of NEDA, and the power of my poetry. Community Outreach My main goal of this project was to reach out to my whole community, and not just friends from high school. I advertised throughout the community and never once before my project advertised at high school. This was to ensure I was out of my comfort zone in marketing. 4. List and describe 4-8 problems/obstacles/issues you encountered in your project, and briefly describe how you solved each. One problem I encountered was medical issues during the duration of this project. I solved this with the help and support of my teachers and medical team. Another issue was the short duration I had to sell the book. I published Perpetual Jealousy on Amazon in the beginning of April and only had a month to gather royalties. I solved this by making this chapbook an ongoing effort to aide in my senior project, and all royalties “forever” (while I am still alive) will go towards NEDA. Another obstacle was the mere advertising- I solved this through creating an instagram where I placed the link to my amazon book, Perpetual Jealousy (I now have 1000 followers just on this account). 5. List materials used. Vegan Gluten Free baking goods, amazon direct publishing, instagram, facebook. my employer for venue (Green Cat) 6. List all people who helped you on the project and briefly describe the help given. Mrs. Van Schenk- she helped counsel and support me throughout aforementioned emotional events this year, which increased my morale and motivation to carry on Dr. Sullivan- she proofread my book and she allowed me to work in her room and gave me tips on marketing and networking Jackie Welch- she let me use her Cafe for the venue for my Senior Project Cynthia and Wayne Mills- They donated baking materials to me so profit was not cut into 7. How does your completed project compare to the picture you had in mind when you started the project? Explain the reason behind any changes from your proposal. Originally, my book was not going to be merely a poetry book. It was also going to have characters where the main character Piper would struggle with an eating disorder. However, she was going to die because of a failing heart but I took out the whole character plot out of the book because I received news my heart was failing at one point too. 8. If given the opportunity, explain what you would have done differently now that you speak from experience? I would have more properly managed my time, distanced myself personally, and published my book sooner- speaking from experience. 9. Beyond the project itself, what did you learn about yourself? I learned how to cope emotionally through grief, I learned how to market my ideas, how to articulate emotions properly, artistic intervention, how to publish a book 10. What grade would you give yourself on the project? Justify the evaluation of your grade in at least 25 words. Grade: 93 Justification: I would give myself a 93 for my project because I worked through many obstacles and reached highly outside of my comfort zone, while still making a lasting impact on the eating disorder community.