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February 1, 2016

926 Glenn Bridge Rd. SE

Arden, NC 28704

Graduation Project Advisory Board:

T.C. Roberson High School
250 Overlook Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803

Dear Graduation Project Advisory Board

Since I was in middle middle school, I would come to T.C Roberson to watch the football games,
mainly to watch their halftime show. While a lot of people would come to watch the game I
would come to see the performance in the middle. When I came to T.C I joined the colorguard,
and have been in colorguard for 4 years, but, since I have been in marching band there has been
one thing we have never done. We have never worked with batons. I have found this as an
interest through competitions we have gone to and I would like to try this accomplishment for

My goals for my graduation project are simple, learn the basics of batons and be able to perform
routine. However the goals for my research paper are different. I will research and learn about
the history of majorettes. For my research paper I will use internet sources, books, magazines,
and an interview with my mentor.

For my practical experience I will be doing the practice of baton twirling. I have never done this
before and I thought it would be an interesting and new experience that I was willing to try. My
parents are in consensus to let me try this new activity and will pay whatever costs are needed. I
have found a mentor and her name is Becky and she has been teaching batons for many years.
Becky and I have discussed the hours of practices for the days needed for the 15 hours for the
Graduation Project. While I complete my hours I will blog and take pictures and videos everyday
of my experience.

I know that plagiarism is using someone elses words or thoughts as my own, which is both
unlawful and unethical. To avoid plagiarism I will use proper MLA citation. If I do not, I am
aware that I will fail my Graduation Project, which could result in my failing English IV. That is
not a risk I am willing to take.


Jessica Cole
Attachments: Letter of Proposal Evaluation and Mentor and Parental Consents