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Please keep this in your folder or binder as a reference.

College Writing
Ms. Clark, Ms. Frink, & Ms. Venema

Welcome to College Writing, a course designed to make you a
stronger and better writer. Hopefully, upon completion of this
course, you will feel more confident in your writing and will
boldly tackle any essay assignment that comes your way.

Patterns for College Writing, Bedford St. Martins Press
Ethan Frome, Edith Wharton
Free Reading Novel, Student-Selected

Materials Needed
School login and password
Access to Google Classroom (We are going paperless!)

Major Writing Assignments

We will write several major essays in this class, each focused on a different format:
1. Myself as a Writer Essay
2. College/Scholarship Essay
3. Descriptive Essay
4. Literary Analysis
5. Research Essay
6. Final Exam Essay/Portfolio

We will also ask you to complete grammar, usage, and revision assignments throughout the
course as part of learning the writing process.

Final Exam Portfolio

At the end of this class, you will be creating an electronic portfolio containing your work from
the trimester. This portfolio will include Writing Observations and Friday Journals (see below),
a final draft of each piece that you write, evidence of learning, and two reflective pieces (your
Myself as a Writer Essay and your Final Exam Essay).
Writing Observations
Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will set aside a 20-minute block for reading student-selected
novels. It is a fact that writers improve their craft by becoming avid readers, so we would like
you to spend a portion of your time in this class observing and noticing the writing of others. At
the end of each reading session, you will be asked to log one of these observations. This log will
be shared frequently in class and will be linked to your Final Exam Portfolio as well.

Friday Journal
Every Friday, you will be writing a reflective journal entry on what you learned in class that
particular week. You will keep these entries in one Google Doc (title: Your Names Friday
Journals), and each week you will add a new page that is in proper MLA format. Each weeks
entry should be one page long. You will be documenting what you took away from class activities
that week. Some weeks we will ask you to practice the grammar concepts weve covered in your
responses, and on weeks when we return papers to you, we will ask you to reflect on our
feedback. The more detailed you are about what you are taking away from each weeks lessons,
the better prepared you will be for the Final Exam.

Google Classroom
All three teachers will use Google Classroom as the class website; because this class is paperless,
using Google Classroom will be necessary to complete all assignments. School username and
password are required to access the site. We will update the calendar daily with the days
agenda, homework, and links to assignments. If you are absent, you should be checking
the calendar on Google Classroom to see what you missed in class that day. We
appreciate students who take the initiative to complete missing assignments and to learn missed

Class Goals
The following list of objectives encompasses what we have in mind for you in this course. You
Effectively budget time for the writing process
Use writing to effectively express yourself both creatively and analytically
Recognize and incorporate various stylistic devices in writing
Use critical thinking skills in research and writing
Contribute to a writing community through inquiry, revision, and participation
Compile an electronic portfolio of graded essays

Late Policy
This is a college preparatory course. Assignments will NOT be accepted late. If you are absent on
the day that homework is due, it is your responsibility to turn it in when you return to school.
You have as many days as you were gone from class to turn in the assignments you missed. You
will NOT be asked for them nor will you be reminded to do them. If you are absent the day a
written assignment is due (like a major essay), you must submit your paper
electronically before the end of class that day. If you bring a major essay the day
after it is due, it will not be accepted. If you have circumstances that make a deadline
difficult for you to meet, discuss it with your instructor. If you do so more than 24 hours in
advance, we will be more understanding than if you ask us on the day something is due.

Class Participation
You must take an active role in this class. You will be sharing your writing with your peers on a
regular basis, and it will be imperative that you communicate effectively with us. On a related
note, we will be working regularly with the chromebooks in the Media Center. It will be to your
advantage to use your time wisely. Students finding the time to horse around should expect their
grade to reflect that behavior.

Each students grade in College Writing will be based on: the quality and timeliness of all
assignments (no late assignments will be accepted), participation, effort and
improvement, and completion of all essay assignments adhering to the outlined criteria. See
below for the breakdown:

Trimester Grade inal Grade

Daily Assignments/Homework 20% Trimester Grade 85%
Essays 60% Final Exam 15%
Quizzes 10%
Class Participation 10%

Note that the major essays you are assigned make up 60% of your overall grade. If you do not
turn in your assignments and you do not turn them in on time, you will not pass
the class!

Formatting Assignments
Please format all assignments according to MLA guidelines with the exception of the Research
Essay, which will be in APA format.

Classroom Responsibilities
1. Come to class prepared: Be alert, attentive, and come ready to work. We will not permit
sleeping or off-task behavior. You have much to write!
2. Follow all directions the first time they are given: Please do ask questions to clarify, but
please also listen carefully when instructions are being given. You will also need to submit
all assignments according to the directions and criteria provided you.
3. Be courteous and respectful: This should be a no-brainer by now, but remember to keep
your classmates in mind as you speak and act. We will do the same for you.
4. Work effectively with others: There will be times in this class when you are given the task
of peer editing a classmates assignment or working in a group. Part of your class
participation grade will be based on how well you respond to others ideas and collaborate
with those in your class.
5. Put in your best effort: Commit yourself to this class by making honest efforts with your
assignments, listening, seeking us out for help when you dont understand, and
participating. We will do whatever we can to improve your writing skills this trimester,
but you have to put in the effort! We have high expectations for you, but we also like to
have fun. Do your part, and we promise you will enjoy this class.

Academic Integrity
It is the fundamental responsibility of all Saline High School students to adhere to the standard
of academic integrity. Calling someone elses work your own violates this standard, and any
occurrence will result in a zero for the assignment and a disciplinary referral. If you do not
understand what plagiarism is, please see us. We will not tolerate copying.

Contact Information
We are here to help you succeed in this class! Please contact us with questions or concerns. Our
contact information is below:

Ms. Clark
Room C245
(734) 401-4295

Ms. Frink
Room C141
(734) 401-4252

Ms. Venema
Room C137
(734) 401-4249