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Lee High School

What traits/qualities should a police a police officer have to be effective at their jobs?

Law Enforcement

Veronica Terrazas

Senior Capstone

Mr. Peter Giles Foote

April 13, 2017


but they have to deal with a lot of criticism that can lead them to not being able to successfully fulfill their job requirements. “All American citizens should be . For example. Also. et al). being compassionate and being dedicated to their job. they have to respond to domestic violence complaints. it is not just responding to calls. Terrazas 1 Mr. which are high-risk calls and potentially dangerous for officers. “To cope with these risks and to overcome intense workload. Fatih Mehmet. some officers might let their feelings get in the way which can affect their daily job. For example. Traits that make a police officer of high quality include. Peter Giles Foote Senior Capstone April 13. There are many roles police officers have from protecting people and property to having to patrol areas they are assigned to. 2017 Police Officer A career in law enforcement is not only a job but a lifestyle that someone accepts. This level of effort is important because the law must be enforced and because the goal is to solve crimes and resolve issues. understanding their job requirements and role. An example of this would be when there is a shootout and based on the requirements. There are many different characteristics that a police officer must have to be effective at their jobs. There are numerous situations that can bring out different outcomes. police require exerting high effort” (Harmanci. and it does not stop once someone begins their drive home at the end of the day or at the end of their shift. This is a career that once one enters. Police officers need to understand that their job has requirements and obligations that might not be obvious at first or to the casual onlooker or citizen. each officer has to do what's best for themselves and the safety of the people around the scene.

officers have to make sacrifices. If a police officer is not dedicated their choices or decisions can be life . it would be up to the officer to show people kindness. That is not the case most of the time. “The more often compassion is experienced. Being compassionate plays a major role when becoming being a police officer. but one bad choice can cost them their life or the lives of others. An example would be where a police officer would get called to a disturbance call. et al). Now it would be up to the officer to show how caring he or she is and how the motive is only to want help that person and to get that person out of that situation. their caring side and how they are willing to help and protect others. sometimes some officers are often too compassionate and would let it get in the way while doing their job. I love my job I live what it means and i love what i can do within the community to help people out” (Clements). There are many challenges officers face. and that is exactly why compassion is still of utmost importance. and the outcome of those sacrifices may end up that they lose their lives. and each choice has a cost. In some situations.” (Choi. Terrazas 2 outraged at the number of officers who have been targeted. Therefore. “For me it's a passion something that I choose to do that I really cared about my whole life. Hyung Jin. Being compassionate may also have an effect on the choices made by a police officer. the more positive are the emotions and feelings of the members of an organization. Since each officer has a different character and different personality. “What is needed is nothing short of a paradigm shift in the role of the police (and indeed the rest of the justice system in America) toward a more practically compassionate and mindful worldview” (DeValve and Adkinson). shot and killed this year” (Floyd). and the situation would be a person wanting to commit suicide. Many requirements are based off the upcoming situations officers are called into. A police officer has to be dedicated to their job first in order to enforce the laws.

no. "Effects of compassion on employees' self-regulation. They will also not be so good at their jobs and will cause even major situations then they’re all ready in. go. police officers are able to perform their in the most effective way. 7. Works Cited Choi. By being compassionate and understanding to the community that they serve. By understanding these requirements. 44. Communities today need police officers of high . Academic OneFile. they are able to police their neighborhoods and have a positive relationship with the people that live there. 2016. Terrazas 3 threatening. Hyung Jin. 1173+. vol." Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal. They are able to use their knowledge and experience to work different situations to get the best possible These officers need to have an understanding of their job requirements and role as well as being compassionate and dedicated to their job. p. Being passionate about a dedicated job can entice police officers to do great things such as to protect and serve. et al.galegroup.

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