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Kpa 1)Ensuring erection of instrumentation and automation equipment as per

approved drawings and ensuring their maintainability


1) Checking placement and installation of thermocouple in stove-2

2) Ensuring the good condition of installed /erected equipment of instrumentation.

3) Checking the placement and installation of cable tray at different elevation of
Blast furnace proper at 27m,31m,34m,37m,40m.

4) Checking installation of Instrumentation panel in main ECR as per drawing.

5) Checking installation of cable tray and space left for laying of cable in main ECR
as per drawing.


1) All the erection of cable tray was done as per drawing in main ECR.

2) Instrumentation panel erection was done as per drawing.

3) Thermocouple installed properly.

4)Erection of cable tray of 100mm completed and of 200mm completed on

Kpa 2)

Daily follow up of progress of BLT supporting structure erection as well as equipment installation.
Type: Regular

1) Follow up with TPL and mecon on daily planning and maintaining quality of
work as per CTS/GTS/drawings.
2) Ensuring availability of resources, erection manuals at site, troubleshooting if

1) 1. Installation of BLT off takes, uptakes, material hoppers of BLT
system. 2. Installation of BLT gear box, lower material gate and lower
sealing valve. Total 206 tons erection completed. 3. Refractory
gunning of offtakes completed 100%. 4. 95% of scoped work
completed in BLT support structure.(168 tons out of 178 tons)

Achivement: 1)Gate valves installed properly in pump house. 4) Checking installation of copper plate cooler in BF. Achivement: 1. 2) Checking Installation of different Valves in pump house and cooling circuit. ACTIVITY 1) Ensuring timely completion of piping and equipment erection. Plate cooler and carbon block installation inside the BF proper. Kpa 5) Ensuring adherence to all the safety procedure while execution of instrumentation and automation jobs . manpower and effective use of resources. Bustle main refractory gunning and nozzle installation 100% completed. 50 % of total work completed. Butterfly valves 70% installed in cooling circuit. On furnace cooling piping erection 55% completed.KPA 3) Daily follow up of BF pump house. 2) Monitoring progress of refractory work inside BF shell and ensuring adequate quality standards. 2) 3. Kpa 4) Daily follow up of BF proper site activities Activity: 1) checking marking for thermocouple and pressure instrument. 5) Follow up with TPL and Mecon for sequential supply of material. 3)checking testing of copper plate cooler for leakage at 8bar. off furnace cooling piping erection 73 % completed. 2.

130 number of RTDs calibrated and 2 RTDs found malfunctioning .54 number of pressure switches calibrate and 2 pressure switch found malfunctioning. 3) Checking the calibration of pressure transmitter. Activity: 1) Checking the refractory laying in cast house so instrumentation cable laying will be done properly.Activity: 1) Ensuring PPEs for workmen. ACHIVEMENTS: 100 % PPE usage at site. Kpa 7) Monitor the erection of process equipment and ensure proper access for easy maintainability of instrumentation equipment. 4) Reporting to seniors about malfunctioning instruments. Activity: 1)Checking the accuracy of calibrator. 2) Checking BLT hopper placement for proper installation of three load beam. 4) Checking piping connection in cooling circuit so flow measurement instruments will be installed properly. storage of materials at their designated place. KPA 6) Witness the calibration and checking of field instruments and ensure that the instruments meet the quality requirement of the process. proper tag out and lock out of instrumentation equipment. 5) Ensuring the accuracy level of instruments according to manual and standard. 2) Checking the calibration of pressure switches. proper clearances. 3) Checking refractory work in BF proper for proper installation of thermocouples. 3) Proper tag inspection of instruments for safe handling. ensured proper housekeeping. . 1) Checking the calibration of thermocouples and RTDs. 2) Proper Storage of instruments for all instruments and in particular radiation instruments. 6) Achivements: 196 number of thermocouples calibrated . proper training of workers at site.

Activity: 1) participated in blood donation camp organised by NMDC during safety week. Achivement: 1) Blood Donated 2) Tree planted in campus. 3) Preparing list of instruments for indent.3) Proper marking of places for installation of thermocouple has been done and drilling will take place. Kpa 8) Assistance in preparation of spare parts list for BF along with estimation of spare cost. swachch bharat abhiyan. 2) participated in tree plantation drive and Swachch Bharat Abhiyan in plant.2)Proper alignment of BLT hopper has been done. Achivement: 1) Equipment list of analyser completed. . 2) Preparing list of spares of different instruments for BF. Activity: 1) Preparing list of equipment of BF gas analyzers like top gas analyzer. Kpa 9) Active participation in Various functions organized by NMDC like safety week. 2) Spare list of instruments completed.Achivements: 1)Spaces has been left for proper cable laying. blood donation camp.