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Assignment 2 involves analyses of lesson plan with reference to with Australian

Professional Standards For Teacher(APST and NSW Quality Teaching Model). The
standards are maintained for the lesson plans are maintained to meet the quality
criteria for curriculum, pedology, assessment respectfully. In analyses of the
original plan found few area which needs to be modified to support the needs of
aboriginal and Torres strait islanders and diverse background students.
In original lesson plan cooperative learning plan and Information,
Communication and Technology(ICT) are integrated into the science lesson plan
to provide support to all students however according to the Aboriginal culture
they learn effectively with the visual presentation as well as repeated
instructions. Since this need was not fulfilled completely in the original lesson
I have mentioned scaffolding sheet for analyses for data in the lesson to support
the need of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander students. The cooperative
learning group activity helps students of all range of abilities to share and
develop their knowledge with peers. In assignment cross-cultural themes are
introduced in the lesson plan to understand and develop respect amongst
student of various background to build a positive learning in the school
In assignment 2 the differentiated strategies are applied to include
disabilities,diverse students, and social groups to engage them in learning hence
this assignment outlines the standard one point five of APST as differentiated
teaching methods are applied to meet the specific learning needs of students
across a full range of abilities.