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No going back to Mugabe

Level 1 ● Elementary

1 Before you read 1 Key words

Fill the gaps using these words from the headline and the text.
asylum seekers militia threaten appeal
vouchers slum refugee status deport

1. A is a very poor area in or around a city.
2. If someone says that they will do something very bad to you if you don’t do what they say,

they you.

3. are people who are in danger in their own country
and move to another country and ask for the right to stay there in safety.

4. If the government allows these people to stay in the country, they have


5. A   is a group of ordinary people trained to fight in an emergency.

6. If you against a court decision, you formally ask the court to change it.

7. When a government forces someone to leave the country, they them.

8. are pieces of paper, instead of money, that let people buy what they need.

2 Before you read 2 Scanning
Does Thomas now have permission to stay in Britain?
Read the article quickly to check.

No going back to Mugabe by Alison Benjamin 1
Three years ago, Thomas came to Britain from Zimbabwe. He was afraid for his life, because when he left
Robert Mugabe’s youth militia, the Green Bombers, they threatened to kill him.
Now, he is living happily with his new partner, Tanya, in a village in East Anglia. But it has been a long, hard
journey surviving as an unwanted visitor in Britain. And it is not over yet.
After he was refused permission to stay in 2004, Thomas slept on friends’ floors and in an empty factor in 
Manchester. One night, five white youths attacked and injured him badly. But he wouldn’t go to the police. 
“I was terrified that they would send me back to Zimbabwe.” 
Frightened by the attack, he went to Glasgow to stay with friends, but an old illness forced him to go to
hospital. He was afraid to give his real name, so he didn’t attend his check-up, went back to Manchester and
slept in the bus station. The next day, he went to Refugee Action – the charity that had helped him with his
asylum case. They couldn’t put him in a homeless hostel in Manchester because he didn’t have government
support, so they sent him to one in Liverpool.  “It was a huge room full of drug addicts,” says Thomas. “Five 
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000 people. “She’s been there for me. Name all the places in Britain where Thomas has stayed. He now lives with her and looks after her four young children while she is at work. I was scared of the other residents. Another brother and two other sisters are in South Africa. so it could deport up to 7.  “My bedroom floor was covered in water. more than anyone else in my life. she was tiny. “But now I just wanted to be with her.” Thomas laughs. But it was horrible. after the Green Bombers beat me up in front of my family. there was  mould growing everywhere. The next morning I took the first bus back to Manchester. “We hated each other when I was growing up. “It’s the happiest I have ever been. holding Tanya’s hand.” he insists.”  8 He remembered Sonia as a big woman. The Home Office  has told him nothing about his case for five months. but his case worker at Refugee Action appealed. 12 What will he do if the Home Office does deport failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe? Thomas says: “It’s  harder now. but asylum seekers are not allowed to work. but I’ll have to go underground again.” he smiles. or go back to hospital? 4.”  3 Reading for detail 1. and returned to Manchester expecting to move into a hostel and have government food vouchers. None of us had heard from her. They made racist jokes. another died last year. I couldn’t sleep all night. he was given a room in a National Asylum Support Service [Nass] hostel. She took me in when I had  nothing.” He  spent his second night in the bus station before another friend let him stay. so Thomas asked for asylum again. the government  obtained permission to send failed asylum seekers back to Zimbabwe. and six o’clock you had to be in bed. 5 At this time.”  And the first food vouchers didn’t arrive until Christmas Eve. three days before Christmas. Thomas was moved to a better Nass hostel.  In April.” And  Tanya? Without hesitation. They plan to  marry when Thomas has his refugee status. I have a family here.   7 But in the new year. the law decided that Zimbabweans would be in danger if they were sent home.” he  says. 10 Thomas met Tanya through a friend of Sonia’s. she replies: “I’ll go wherever he is. No way am I going back. Why did his mother leave Zimbabwe? E ED • SIT D E EB OA L W NL IAB © Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2006 OM OW P FR E D CO B O CA OT Downloaded from the News Lessons section in www. “I spent Christmas Day ill with hunger. life improved. too. Now 43. and this makes him nervous. At last. She is the only family  I have here.” he H N •P . the kitchen ceiling leaked. and then he heard that his sister. when the only  supermarkets that accepted them were closed. He didn’t want to depend on friends and charity.onestopenglish. “She left the same night as me. they gave me dinner. How many brothers and sisters did he have? 5. Mugabe’s soldiers destroyed her house in Zimbabwe when they were ‘clearing’ the slums. But nothing changed for another two months.No going back to Mugabe Level 1 ● Elementary o’clock. was living nearby!  “I couldn’t believe it. who he hadn’t seen since he escaped from Zimbabwe. 2.”  9 He has one brother still in Zimbabwe. What places in Manchester has he stayed in? 3. also a failed asylum seeker. His claim was rejected. where his mother now lives. 6 He won the appeal. “I don’t want anyone to think we are only getting married so I can stay.”   11 Thomas wants to support his new family. Why didn’t he go to the Police.

 Put them in order.onestopenglish. with the strongest first. VERB PAST SIMPLE come came leave be sleep won’t go can’t send give have make take spend let will win hear beat meet become 6 Discussion Do you feel sorry for Thomas? Do you think countries should stop refugees from living in them? E ED • SIT D E EB OA L W NL IAB © Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2006 OM OW P FR E D CO B O CA OT Downloaded from the News Lessons section in www.  afraid    frightened    terrified    nervous   scared    5 Vocabulary development 2 Past tenses Look in the text for the irregular past tenses of these verbs and complete the table.No going back to Mugabe Level 1 ● Elementary 4 Vocabulary development 1 All these adjectives from the text are about H N •P .