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SEO: Forced to Live Life Outside of Her Comfort Zone in

Annapolis, Maryland

From the Midwest to the East Coast

Mackenzie Zipfel, graduating UMD senior, reflects on moving to Maryland

By Cassidy Zuber

I cant imagine not waking up at the University of Maryland each day,

senior communication major Mackenzie Zipfel stated. To Mackenzie,

graduating this spring and leaving the university is a sad event.

However, before turning 14 years old, Mackenzie could not have

fathomed calling Maryland her home. Mackenzie had a joyous childhood

in St. Louis, MO, until an economy crash altered her life.

This crash, which occurred in 2008, cost Mackenzies father his

job at Autohaus BMW. He was sad to give a job in a place where he had created a

life for himself and his family. Ultimately, he was offered a position that he could

not refuse working for BMW in Annapolis, MD.

Makenzie was both shocked and nervous when she learned that she would

have to move half-way across the country. She recalled, I was so unfamiliar with

the East Coast that I was not super excited to move.

Mackenzie hated Maryland for the first year that she lived there despite

her uncanny ability to make friends. She admitted,

Moving changed my
On the inside I faced severe depression. I had never
outlook on life because
it showed me that life dealt with anything like this in regards to my mental
starts on the outside of health, so it hit me like a rock.
your comfort zone.
Connor Zipfel, Mackenzies older brother,
-Mackenzie Zipfel had an easier time adjusting to life in Maryland than

Mackenzie did. More about

Connors voice quivered as he revealed, My mom and sister,
Favorite author:
Mackenzie, both faced severe depression after the move. It was hard Nicholas Sparks
Favorite news media:
seeing them go through that. He continued, Personally, the move did The Washington Post
Best advice ever
not change my life much. received: Life starts on
the outside of your
This relocation served as a turning point in Mackenzies life. comfort zone
Favorite childhood
Before the move, she was timid and hesitant to try new things. memory is: The day she
brought her dog, Bubbles,
Mackenzie concluded, Moving changed my outlook on life because it home
Friends would describe
showed me that life starts on the outside of your comfort zone.
her as: Energetic and
In Maryland, Mackenzie matured into an outgoing person. She sociable

joined a competitive cheerleading team, became involved in a Greek organization

on campus and expanded her interests academically.

When asked if she would reverse her familys relocation if she could,

Mackenzie replied, I would say no because I love my life now and am very

happy to have ended up where I am today.