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Student Name: Mauro Yovani Salas Date:

Research Paper Topic: Asheville’s Homelessness

Practical Experience/Product Description: Volunteered at Haywood Street Congregation.

Mentor Information

Name: Michel Platz

Place/Description of Business: Haywood Street Congregation

Job Title: Respite Program Director

Phone Number: 828-575-2477

Email Address:

Relationship with student (or how do you know each other?): No

Please have your mentor read each of the following statements, fill out the information, and sign below.
● I am willing to serve as a mentor for this student while s/he completes Graduation Project.
● I have reviewed the Mentor handbook and understand the duties and responsibilities of a mentor.
● I realize that this student will need to meet with me regularly throughout the semester while completing the
Practical Experience/Product portion of the BCSGP.
● I understand that my responsibilities as a mentor include verification of the time the student actually spends in
hands-on work with the Practical Experience/Product.
● I understand that I will be giving an honest assessment in the form of a graded rubric for this student’s Practical
● I am/will be aware of the due date for the Practical Experience/Product.
Mentor Signature: Michael Platz Date:

I consent to the above individual serving as a mentor for my child for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements
of the BCS Graduation Project.

Parent/Guardian Signature: Claudia Rodas Mejia Date: 5/12/2017 .