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Austrella Balley

Ms. Knight

AP Statistics

May 12, 2017

Summary Reflection

Some of the significant learning experiences I endured while in high school taught me

many valuable things that I will take with me to the next level of education. Ive been faced with

adversity throughout the years and that has taught me to never give in to anyones words. Make

your own path and stay on it, never stray because someone doubts you. One year I had a problem

with one of my teachers my junior year, but I learned I would not gain anything from the

situation and I had to be the bigger person and let it go.

Walking tinto senior year, I thought it was going to be a breeze. I told myself I was going

to take the most basic classes but that wasnt the case. My counselor put me in three AP classes.

By then I knew I had to get my stuff together and not completely mess up my gpa. This year

taught me that I was determined, because without the push of others and myself drive, I dont

think i would have made it. The vision of graduation and making my parents proud is what

pushed me to finish.

Over the past years, I have changed for the better. I have developed into a charismatic,

mature, determined young women. I have learned how to be more independent and care for

myself. Because of this, I will be leaving Hazelwood East High a better person with a plan for

the future. I plan on taking everything I learned and take advantage of it for my future.

Some significant learning experience I had in AP statistics was learning about surveys.

When I was younger I always enjoyed filling out surveys for any and everything, and when I
finally got to learn about it more and the things I like to do, it influenced me to look into

statistical law. This course has taught me to look at detail more and pay attention to things a little

closer. Because you miss things when you dont. Stats hs made me a more cautious person.

My plans for the future are to attend the College of Wooster and major in Political

Science and minor in business or communications. After undergraduate school, I plan to go to the

University of Kentucky for law school and get my Jurisdictional Doctorates. With my

jurisdictional Doctorates I plan to work for a law firm then eventually united nations and be an

advocate for the United States. I wanna be remembered as someone who had a generous heart.