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World War I

By: Alex Gudalis & Matt Agosti

Years Fought: 1914-1918

-Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

-Assassinated by Gavrilo Princip

What countries were in WWI? (Allies)
-Great Britain



-Unites States
Continued (Central Powers)

- Austria-Hungary

- Ottoman Empire

Mustard Gas
-Deadly gas that was used in WWI.

-Mustard gas is heavier than air.

-Killed many soldiers on each side.

-Disadvantage: Wind
Famous Messenger in WWI???
Technology had a huge turning point in the war. Most importantly guns. You now
didnt have to take a long time to reload. We now had guns like the 1914 machine
Who Won The War?
Remarkably, nobody won the war. It was a tie. Today people believe the
battlegrounds are haunted due to the fact, people lost their lives for a war that was
not won on either side.