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Janita Smidtslund

Mrs. Harnden
English 12
24 March 2017

Twelfth night

Twelfth night is a play by William Shakespeare that I saw at Hilberry Theatre, on the 21st of

March. The play director was J.R Gullivan. The play includes identity confusions and mistaken

gender identities.

The story and plot were fulfilled well. The story was interesting to follow along most of the time.

The middle of the play was not as action-packed and which made it a little boring. The play got

better and more interesting to the end when things started to happen and more action came in

again. The parts were the characters were just standing and having a casual conversation with

nothing significant happening made the story slow. Overall the script and plotted their fulfilling

were good with all the scenes in it.

Hearing the characters were partially really hard especially sitting on the side and having the

actors back turned to you. When the characters were speaking loud enough their articulation

were good. The characters we believable and they did a good job holding it that way the whole

play. Even Sebastian and Viola were pretty good both acting the same person. They looked and

acted the same the whole play which made it convincing.

The sound effects in the play we well done, especially in the beginning with the storm scene

with the thunder and rain. Sound effects made the play overall better and more dramatic. For
me being a foreign some things were hard to hear and understand even though the good

articulation most of the characters had. However, lights and the set were well put up. During

dramatic scenes there were less light and when it was all happy is was really bright and


The audience were respectful during the whole show. Even though they were high school

students, for my part I did not hear any talking and only saw well behaving kids, which I was

happy about. The audience laughed during the play and were interested in it.