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Ireland vs. U.S.

By: Izic Moate
Government / Constitution
Title of leader
America - President
Ireland - President
Name of currently in charge
America - Donald J. Trump
Ireland - Michael D. Higgins
How they are elected
America - By the people
Ireland - By the people
Length of term
America - 4 years and can be in for 2 terms
Ireland - 7 years and can be in for 2 terms
Background / Qualification required
America - Be a natural born citizen, live 14 years of residents, age of 35 or older
Ireland - Be an irish citizen for over 35 years,
Lawmaking body
Name of their lawmaking body
United states - Congress
Ireland - Oireachtas
Bicameral or Unicameral required
United states - Bicameral
Ireland - Bicameral
How many people
United states - 100
Ireland - 7 to 15
Most important rights from the Bill of Rights
Freedom of Speech?
United states - Yes
Ireland - Yes
Freedom of religion?
United states - Yes
Ireland - Yes
Right to bear arms?
United states - Yes
Ireland - Yes
The political party system
Does the country have a two party system, a one-party system, or a
multiparty system.
United states - two party system
Ireland - one-party system
What are the names, key beliefs, and beliefs, and symbols of the major
political parties in the country.
United states - Congress, symbols involve Bald Eagle, American Flag, Conservative and
liberal are their beliefs
Ireland - Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, the ways of Parliament, their symbol is a harp
Elections and Voting
United States -
The people vote for their candidate
Does not have a limit
18 years or older to vote
Votes a single time for each person they want to be in charge
Ireland -
The people vote for their candidate
Have a limit for what the runners can spend for advertising
18 years or older to vote
Votes through a ballot and number 1 for most wanted in office and so on and so forth
Taxes and Government Finance
They both charge income tax
United States - Makes money through borrowing and from the citisense
598.5 billion 54% (in 2015)
70 billion 6 % (in 2015)
66 billion 6% (in 2015)
Ireland - Makes money through trade, investment and industry
224 million euros which is 242 million US dollars
10.3%of public spending (13,381 us dollars/ student)
18.4 billion euros which is 19.9 billion US dollars
Dealing with crime
Compare this countrys crime rates, prison population, punishments (do they use
the death penalty), and court system to our rates here in the United States.

Crime rates
The United states and Ireland have very similar crime rates with Ireland at 56.68% and the US
at 55.84% so basically only a 2 % difference
Prison population
There is an estimated 3,674 people in prison in Ireland 79 per 100,000 people
The US has an estimated 2.3 million people in prison
Ireland does not have the death penalty, but they have very similar sentences and punishments
Court system
They both have the same kind of court systems
Current association with one another
The current relationship between Ireland and the United States is more of a
neutral one even though Ireland does help provide tacite support to the United
States and its allies.