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Colors are those of Milan (red and

white) combined with the green
uniform color of the Milanese civic
Map of Italy with the capital
Italys population is 61,261,254 people which is
252,586,211 less than the U.S.
Italy is 23 in the world
Life Expectancy
The life expectancy is 83 years which is 4 years
more than the U.S. and is equal to Japan
Most Italians go to Catholic churches
They believe that God is the loving creator of
all that is and that each person is made in
Gods image and likeness
Italian is there national language
Hello = ciao
How are you =come stai
Please = per favore
Thank you = grazie
This food is delicious = questo cibo e delizioso
Tender Artichoke Hearts
8 Artichoke
1 Lemon Extra-virgin olive oil
Frying 2 eggs beaten
All-purpose flour
Dredging salt
Epiphany feast
It is celebrated because La Befana is believed to
be searching for baby Jesus
To celebrate they have a huge feast
Tourist Attraction
Leaning tower of pisa
Visitors can take a tour of this historic bell
tower, climb the staircase inside and explore
several attractions
Nature of Work
Most building demolition planning can be addressed and
adequately handled by the A/E project team. However, additional
demolition planning expertise is sometimes warranted in some
situations. For example, demolition planning is especially crucial
for projects in which the removal of materials poses risks to the
safety of people or adjacent property. For instance, the following
situations may require a higher level of planning rigor and analysis:
A structure to be demolished is close to others (e.g., in highly
congested downtown areas). A contaminated structure requires
special demolition techniques and material handling to avoid
exacerbating dangerous conditions. A structure to be demolished
has historic significance. A building with special construction
features requires special demolition techniques (e.g., post-tensioned
concrete structures, buildings with significant structural damage,
etc.). Portions of an existing facility must be kept in operation
while demolition work is carried out in adjacent portions. Assets
of high value are to be salvaged for sale or for reuse
Education and Training Needed

You would need to be trained to be able to

handle explosives or cranes to destroy
The education you will need is a government
Other Qualifications Needed
You will need at least 5 years of experience to
be a demolition expert
Current job outlook
You will have to learn how to be able to know
how to destroy certain things in the correct
You could get a associate's degree or a
bachelor's degree or just off of a high school
Potential earnings
Now your average earnings is 34,050 per year
In the future it is 53,160 per year
3 related occupations to
Demolition mining
Wrecking contractors
The United States

Braydon Nicastro
Part I:
Type of Government/Constitution
U.S. Other Country

Title of Leader: The President Title of Leader: Prime Minister

Name of Current Leader: Donald Trump Name of Current Leader: Poalo

Elected or Appointed: november 9th
2016 Elected or Appointed: 2014

Length of Term: 4 years Length of Term: There is no limit

Background/Qualifications: Must be a Background/Qualifications: If the

natural born citizen must be 35 and parliment decides if you have enough
be a resident of 14 years trust in you
Legislative Branch

United States Italy

Name of Lawmaking Body: Name of Lawmaking Body:

The House of Representatives and The The Italian Parliament
Bicameral or Unicameral: Bicameral
Bicameral or Unicameral: Bicameral

Number of Members: 315

Number of Members: 435
Does this country have the following rights
United States Italy
Freedom of Speech/Press: Freedom of Speech/Press:

Yes Yes

Freedom of Religion: Freedom of Religion:

Yes Yes

Right to Bear Arms: Right to Bear Arms:

With restrictions Very strictly controlled
Part II: Political Parties: United States
Two Party, One Party, or Multiparty System?
Its a two party system
Names of the major political parties:
Democratic Party
Major Political Parties of United States
Democratic Party Republican Party

Key Beliefs: The partys Key Beliefs: The right of free

philosophy of modern speech follows women's
liberalism advocates social and suffrage to fight for the rights
economic inequality of individual opposition
Part II: Political Parties: Italy
Two Party, One Party, or Multiparty System?
Multiparty system
Names of the major political parties:
Democratic Party
Major Political Parties of Italy
Democratic party Five star movement

Key Beliefs: They follow most Key Beliefs: They worry about
of the social liberalism public water, transport,
development, internet access,
and environmentalism.
Part III: Elections and Voting of the
Voting age:18

Qualifications to vote:
if you are a citizen
register to vote by the state deadline
meet your states residency
How often elections are held:
Every 2 years

Types of Elections held:

senate, house of reps
Part III: Elections and Voting of Italy
Voting age: 18

Qualifications to vote: Must be a resident

must be 18 years of age and you must
register for every election

How often elections are held:

usually every 7 years

Types of Elections held: one for president

one for prime minister and one for the
Part IV: Taxes in the U.S.
Does this country charge an income tax?

What other ways does this country make

money? Does it have other taxes?
through other taxes and selling goods
Yes it does
Part IV: Taxes in Italy
Does this country charge an income tax?

What other ways does this country make

money? Does it have other taxes
by selling their goods that they make
and no they do not have other taxes
Government Financing
United States Italy

Military Spending Amount: Military Spending Amount:

600 billion 4.72 billion

Education Spending Amount: Education Spending Amount:

1.3 billion 30 billion

Healthcare Spending Amount: Healthcare Spending Amount:

337 billion 111 billion
Part V: Law in the U.S.
Crime Rate: 55.84%


Punishments Used:
Death Penalty
Part V: Law in Italy
Crime Rate:

Prison Population:

Punishments Used:
usually flexible they say if
the prisoner is good they
get out sooner
Part VI: Current Relations with
The United States
Right now Italy and the
USA are on some warm
but friendly relations with
each other.