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Slamet volcano is one of active volcanoes in Indonesia that has height
3.432 m. asl. Based on geographical location, Slamet volcano is situated at
7o14’30” south latitude and 109o12’30” north longitude. It located in 5 regions, that
are, Pemalang, Banyumas, Brebes, Tegal, and Purbalinga. The Objective of this
research are to obtain information about Slamet volcano’s activities observation
system and determining activity level towards the eruption2014 and 2015. The
methods used are literature studies and field research. Type of Slamet volcano
eruption is phreatic, that produce gas or dust. Seismic observation of Slamet
volcano involve type, amount, and amplitude; visually observation from center of
slamet volcano’s observation involve eye temperature and deformation. Increasing
and decreasing activity level status of Slamet volcanooccured during January 1
2014 until 28th of February 2015 based on observation data and level of the danger
to the people around it. The level order of the status namely normal to be alert
occurred on March 10 2014, alert to be standby on April 30 2014, standby to be
alert on May 12 2014, alert to be standby on August 12 2014, and standby to be
alert occurred on January 5 2015. Until February 28 2015, slamet volcano still in
alert state.

Keywords : slamet volcano, eruption, observation, state.