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Russia's News
September 23, 1914-1918

War Communism and NEP Strikes

the Economy
Economy Takes a Toll
Our army has suffered huge
losses at Tannenburg and the
Battle of the Masurian
Lakes. Losses lead to questions
about how our military is running.
Tsar Nicholas II is taking charge of
the army himself. It is giving our
army a boost, but it could cause a Russias Revolution Emerges
problem in the long run for Rasputin dies and Lenin leaves
us!!!!!! We are not ready to go to the country. Our workers in the
war, but we factories are now demanding a
50% increase in wage to buy buy
want to food. Workers are now protesting
protect our in strike. The factories wont have
country. Do we it and has decided to lock them
not!?!? We out of the buildings, causing them
are having to no longer afford food at all.
food Nicholas II demands all workers to
end the riots by the 10th of
shortages, inflation, and
March. The people of russia are
unemployment. We are worried now being killed and held in
our economy will soon collapse. prison. The Duma has indeed
informed Nicholas II that law and
order is broken down, which has
Them all coming together to help the only made Nicholas mad and he
economy now orders for the Duma to never
meet again. The Duma has formed
a temporary government with
25,000 soldiers supporting them;

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Russias News Today
it is to be held at the Tsar. victory. The peasants food is being
Rodzianko, leader of the Duma, has seized and they get no payment. The
persuade Nicholas that things are Farm peasants are refusing to plant
bad for the royal family. So now
more crops because they believe the
Nicholas has returned from
Petrograd and restored the law and communists will take it away. City
order!!! workers are not allowed to strike
In October Lenin comes back to the they are under military discipline.
country and arrives in Petrograd. Bolsheviks defeates the Whites and
They are holding the Fourth all of the rival socialists.
Conference of Petrograd Factory
committees. There, Lenin convinces
that the
time to
power is
now, and
they are all
in for a
insurrection. With that the
Petrograd Soviet Union forms the
Military Committee. Soviet Union is Created

The USSR is established people! It

comprised a confederation of Russia,
Belorussia, Ukraine, and the
Transcaucasia and became the
Soviet Union. It is now the new
successor of the Russian Empire,
and now the first country to be
based on Marxist socialism.
Red VS. Whites The Bolshevik Party dominates the
The reds are being ran by lenin and soviet forces, the coalition of
Bolsheviks. Whites get support from workers and soldiers committees
the Western Allies, including: US, that calls for the establishment of a
England, and Canada. Red army is socialist state in the former Russian
led by fanatical communists. The Empire. All levels of government are
Whites force dream is to return to now being controlled by the
the rule of the Tsars. Lenin is Communist Party. Soviet industry is
imposing war communism to ensure being owned and managed by the

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Russias News Today
state. All agricultural land is being divided into state-run collective

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