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May 11, 2017

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

To Whom It May Concern:

Immigrants are the future Americans of tomorrow. Ever since the beginning of this nation our
country has been founded on immigrants. Those searching for an escape from the oppression and
persecution of their home country optimistically found a land filled with opportunity and
freedom. Travelers like the Pilgrims of the 1600s seeking religious freedom to the immigrants of
the 20th century who sought after economic opportunities. Immigrants have shaped Americas
culture and this diversity is what makes this country what it is today. These soon-to-be-legal
citizens are dedicated in finishing the process and beginning their new life. This procedure can
also be a burden to those in search of safety and it is the duty of this facility as well as the federal
government to provide sophisticated and greatly planned means in which these immigrants can
enter. Kali Nair, a family member and native to Fiji, has trudged through this process finally
reaching citizenship yet feeling the frustration and fear that almost all immigrants discern going
through this prolonged experience.

Kali had the idea to come to America after his sister went through the procedure to become a
United States citizen. In doing this, she became the key sponsor to help all her other siblings,
including Kali, get the correct papers and help move things along smoothly to transition to
America. Even with a family sponsor it took roughly over five and a half years for Kali and his
wife Pushpa to receive approval to enter the country and continue to the next step in the arduous
process. In September of 1985, the Nair family took their first plane ride to begin their new life
in California. From there they begin the five-year permanent resident timeframe needed before
they start the naturalization application. He continued to pursue his dream of becoming a citizen
eventually making it a reality even through frustration and doubt that he would never be able to
become a citizen. He wished there was a possibility where the naturalization process wasnt as
onerous yet held true to the nations need for security and protection.

The process consists of filling out an application and, once approved, enter on a visa or green
card. The person then becomes a permanent resident for five years before they begin and
complete the naturalization application. Following the submission of the forms, an interview will
take place to confirm the accuracy of the application as well as a background check to confirm
that the visa holder is not a danger and able to enter the United States of America. The future
citizen will receive the application stating whether they were accepted or denied citizenship. If
given the acceptance, the permanent resident will be mailed a notice stating when and where the
Oath of Allegiance will take place. Once the ceremony ends and the oath is taken those people
will now be citizens of the United States.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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May 11, 2017

Though this process sounds decent in understanding and consistency there are certain flaws
where immigration reform needs continued discussion. One of which is the application fee.
Throughout the years it has slowly increased and as of 2015 the cost is $680. One of the reasons
for this slightly increased amount is the biometrics fee. Biometrics is a program approved by the
federal government where the FBI is given fingerprints of the future citizen and begins a
background check to see if the person is a key threat to the United States. As of now our federal
government does not create funds for this new act of security so your company increases the
naturalization application process in order to try and make ends meet from the money that is
being lost. This gravely hurts foreigners wanting to come into this country legally because if
money is an issue they will need to save more cash before they can fully send in an application
for review in becoming a citizen. This factor is also another reason why foreigners become
illegal immigrants due to the large fees.

In receiving this I hope that you, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, can
take the time to sit down and discuss these flaws within the process to help future citizens.
Immigrants just like Kali Nair are feeling the confusion, frustration, and sadness this difficult
process is burdening them with. Being a student who has research this topic for a semester, I
understand the difficulties and troublesome decision making that can happen to such a
controversial subject. Please provide this paper to other federal agencies that could be affected
by the naturalization process. Where lobbying and considering can take place in order to come
up with a convenient yet securable solution. Where legal immigrants can come to the land of the
free and home of the brave to receive opportunities that to some would have never dreamed of in
their home country. America is built on differences and those coming to the country legally will
help enhance an ever changing culture.

Sincerely yours,

Antonio Francis
English 2010 Student