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By: Kyle Rose

I fixed what Ms. Tamez said I needed to fix. I felt that my original work was a

thing of beauty, but even a thing of beauty can have some minor imperfections. I didn’t

change much because of this.

I think the most important things I learned from this class is the life skills. Some of

these life skills would be writing a resume, asking for letters of recommendation, and

also adding cover letters. I think it was good that I was also exposed to MLA and APA


The most important thing I do for myself as I prepare for life after high school is to

study and turn in my assignments. By doing that I am creating habits that will follow me

for the rest of my life.

I could improve the length of my papers. I have done my best to jam pack my

best work into the minimum requirements. That is how I have gotten by for the entirety

of my education.

Throughout my semester I have been in college prep english, I have had the

pleasure of learning all kinds of new things. It was a joyous class to be in during my last

semester of high school.