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Second Home

Deep Fried Cheese- delicious mozzarella cheese sticks, covered in Italian bread herbs,
and the Second Homes secret ingredient.
Home Glazed Honey Wings- perfect wings gazed in homemade honey, with a drizzle of
barbecue mixed in.

Second Home Classic Cheddar Cheese Burger- three thin slices of cheddar cheese
thrown on a cooked slab of hamburger meat. Layered with lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade
pickles. Your choice of ketchup and mustard.
Home Cut Steak- the best steak in town. Cooked with smothered onions, and marinated
in our secret recipe barbecue sauce. Topped with mushroom and gravy.
Cheesy Cheddar Noodles- eggshell noodles slow cooked with three-cheese cheddar

Second Homes Classic- seasoned chicken with the finest lettuce, homegrown tomatoes,
and fresh out of the oven bread.
The Cheesy Bacon-put together between homemade bread; fine crispy bacon, topped
with melted classic cheddar cheese, added with lettuce, tomato, and fresh garden onions.
Classic BLT- the finest crispy bacon in all of town, put together with the greenest lettuce,
and juiciest tomatoes.

Chicken and Dumpling Soup- perfectionate noodle, cooked with juicy tender chicken
pieces. Thrown in a pot with homemade country dumplings.
Classic Caesar Salad- leafy green lettuce, mixed with chopped tomatoes, cheddar or
mozzarella cheese. With the pick of any kind of dressing of your choice.

Icey Fudge Sundae- three scoops of classic vanilla ice cream. Sided with two bananas,
strawberries and a sauce of your choice (chocolate, caramel, or strawberry). Finally topped with
crushed nuts and/or sprinkles.
Chocolate Chip Brownie- a huge fudge chunk brownie, with a center of chocolate cookie.
You can also request it vice versa.

By: Karley Wheeler, Shawnna McNicol, and Alexis Owens