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School Structures

Public Private

Funding Federal, state and local Private schools receive funding though
governments. Much of the capital tuition, fundraisers, private corporations,
comes from property taxes. and donations.
Awards and grants are also
issued to Public schools.

Reform Public schools now use a Private schools are all different but
Common Core standard based usually religiously focused. They can
grading system to assess the focus on specific issues pertaining to
their specific students, versus a large
students and address reform. The
group of diverse students. Often
standardized test is changing to involving teachers in the process to help
the PARCC test and there is now for positive change. Everyone must
a lot of technology in the adapt to changing times and it is more
classrooms. Reform is mostly flexible for private schools because they
addressed at a state or district usually have less students and less
level. authoritative procedures to go through.

School School boards are available to the School boards oversee the curriculum of
Boards public and held accountable for the school and make decisions on the
performance of schools. They education students receive. They make
sure the school is abiding by the law and
budget tax money to provide the
take care of financial matters. The board
best education for the students. looks out for problems that arise and
They consider community when address them. Overall, they create the
making decisions about school vision and values of the school and
programs. Must follow state always look to improve them and the
standards. program.

Collaboration Public schools partner with many Many private schools include a religious
with outside outside agencies. The U.S. study which often involves a church,
agencies department of agriculture provides mosque, or other terms for a place of
worship. They also collaborate with
a National School Lunch for those
companies that support the school.
who need it. Also, transportation is Some schools might pair with
organized with a bus company. recreational services as well.
The police and fire department
are often involved with the school.
Field trips, sports, and clubs allow
the students to get out and learn
in the community.

State Public schools must comply with The United States Constitution restricts
Mandates the State Board of Education. The public funding for private education. The
amount of days of the school year schools must comply with health and
is predetermined. Discrimination safety regulations. All states differ but
is unacceptable in order to give most private schools are accredited by a
everyone an equal opportunity to force outside of government, or not at
learn. This means a bilingual and all. Most of the time, private schools do
special education curriculum must not require a teaching certificate.
be adapted.

Federal Department of Education targets Department of Education also oversees

Mandates funds where they can do most the private schools so same rules apply.
good and are the response The Department provides grants, loans
system for filling in the gaps and work study assistance to both
between state and local. The private and public postsecondary
federal government gives schools.
incentives for following Common
Core curriculum.

Programs Public schools have a variety of Private schools with a higher tuition can
programs that reach the needs, or afford the latest technologies for their
at least attempt, to the wide range students to engage and learn. Students
of abilities in the school. For learn about each other on a deeper level
example, special education, because of the smaller class size.
bilingual classrooms, and extra Private school students tend
circular activities. academically focused and therefore are
heavily involved in their class material
and AP college prep.