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By : Salsa, Maya, Gigih, and Ratna

Once upon a time there is a home was lived a mother

with 5 daughter. She was heavy sick and must drink the

medicine which got from forest which guarded by a witch.

Izza: huk huk huk (cought)

Diti: what happen with you mother?

Ijonk: yes, what happen with you?

Izza: i feel worst than yesterday and i will be dead, i think

Dewi: no way, you must life

Bella: we must find medicine for mom, my little brother

Izza: no no no, if you want still find a medicine,you will

find a witch!

Haidar: hah are you serious mom?

Im not afraid. this map is too large and i dont know where Izza: in this map. i promise Ijonk: me. And the name of the witch is shoesher. Lets go my sister Dewi : ok ok . What kind of medicine and where we will find it? Izza : there are lotus medicines. right? Izza: yes. Dewi : but. but be careful about the shoesher. there are 15 numbers. The lotus medicines is in number 2 Bella : very near from here. And he promise. Okay. The medicine is founded in the forest which shaped like a shoes. I do not want you die Haidar: yes.Izza : yes. You must bring only 1 and I have a shirt which has a map the forest. he will kill anyone who enter his forest Ijonk : hmmm.too.

Do you bring a flashlight? Haidar : oh. so dark.. Dewi : who are you? Scifo: what are you doing here? I was forbidden forest guard Bella: I want to go into the forest to find a lotus Penjaga1: hahaha.sure. Let me ON Ijonk : what’s happen? Earthquake was happened !!!!!! Penjaga1: hohohohoho.Izza: be careful all of you! In The Forest Bella : wow. You want to go into the forest? Are you sure? As long as there is no one person who can go to into the forest safely Haidar : What do you want from me? So that I could go to into the forest .

If you can answer that. I’ll let you to go to into the forest Ijonk : What the risk if we can’t answer that question? Scifo :I will eat you guys. hohoho.Penjaga1 : I have one question for you . Dewi : I would not let my brother and my sister to you eat Bella : Yeah!! We never give up to find that lotus to our mom Haidar : Let’s start this game! Scifo : Ok. I will discuss it with my sister and my brother! Bella : How we can answer? This is too difficult for children Haidar : Don’t be confused. It’s so easy! . You’re so brave! Ijonk : What are you waiting for? Let’s start! Scifo : What items can be purchased but can’t be selected? Dewi : Wait a minute.

Dewi .Bella and Haidar : we’re not afraid. don’t give wrong answer! Haidar : It’s okay.Dewi. Twoooo… Haidar : The thing that only one and has no choices to choose. Submit all on me! Scifo : Too long time that I have done give to you . this risk is our mom and our life Dewi : Yes.Ijonk : Don’t play with this. . you will meet with other guard and you actually you will meet with the witch of the lotus. next. Scifo : How can you answer my difficult question? Haidar : Because I am the most smarter in my sister Ijonk. dan Bella : Yes! He’s the most smarter of us Scifo : That’s right. in a count of three you have to answer my question. One…. Ijonk. you can go to the forest. but you must carefully.

If one of you could defead me. Ijonk : anything. I wil give you a chalange for all of you.Finally. Dodi : what you want in here? Ijonk : we want to find madicine for our mother. or bad thing maybe would happen to all of you. Dodi : stop. we will acroos this way. Okay. Haidar : you wasted ourtime. you can move right now. Dodi : Okay. Dewi : she need that madicine Dodi : what kind of medicine that you want to find? In here there’s no medicine. Bella : no. Dewi : we don’t afraid . I will eat all of you. before we find that medicine for our mother. you must go to your home now. I will give the way for you. but if you can’t. the fifth arrive to the middle of the forest and meet the guard again. we dont want to go home right now. we will do that for our mother.

so you can meet with the witch lotus who keep that the medicine. Haidar : Goooooo!!!! A minute later. you’re the best. Dewi dan Bella : Ok. Go a head until bamboo trees are very heavy. . The lion losed. only you who can beat medi Haidar : don’t waste the time where we can find the medicine ? Dodi : here there are 15 post. carefully! Do the best forour mother Scifo : let’s start it. Bella : Thanks for the hint. Ijonk. and Haidar be the winner! Dodi : in fact.Haidar : let me fight against him.

but I’m tired. we must find the medicine. 1 left Ijonk : yes. Should we take a rest for a minute? Dewi : no.Then. I’m afraid about the shoesher Bella : Dont afraid. right now Bella : Let’s goo!! Haidar : c’mon Ijonk : okay-okay . Let we go In Number 1 Haidar : 1 left from you sister. number 1 is go ahead Dewi : but. I’m afraid. five of them arrived at the middle of the forest Haidar : is here number 1? Ijonk : no. The shoesher does not find us Haidar : Yaps!! you’re right.

. we enter here to find lotus medicine for our mom Ijonk : yes.dont please Yogi : you’re so brave.. Hooray.In Number 2 Dewi : here is number 2. he is true . Now we find the medicine Bella : where is the witch? I dont see anymore Haidar : yes. i think mommy lies Yogi : who’s lies? Ijonk : the.the Dewi : the shoesher Yogi : you must die. huh? Haidar : please. I will eat you Bella : dont.

you must fight magic with me. i will eat you and if you win.. Here is the sticks Haidar : let me fight Dewi : dont. i agree 100 percent Yogi : you’re kidding. the medicine is for you. my big brother and by the way how do you can use magic? Haidar : i learnt it from book .2. Let your brother count the fight Dewi :Okay. 3.Yogi : the medicine is right there and if you want that. Agree? Hahahaha Haidar : yes. I dont believe it.1 Yogi : avada kedavra Haidar: stupefly Yogi : ahhh.okay Yogi : if you lose. i lose with kid? Ijonk : congrat. its danger Haidar : you must trust me okay? Dewi : oh..

... It’s mean that someone need a lotus flower is get a rare disease. And Haidar success to fight with the shoesher Izza : he?? But how?? Haidar : not anymore Dewi : drink the medicine. Dewi .Dewi.Bella.Ijonk: oh Yogi : based on my and Haidar : thank you Yogi : but. Haidar : C’ .... or she must be die.Bella dan Haidar : mom. Izza : uhuk.. here is the lotus Ijonk. In home Ijonk. hurry up.uhuk (cough) what happen? Ijonk : here is the lotus. listen me. She must drink this medicine before sunset..

Izza :i feel better Ijonk.Dewi. you’re so amazing Izza : thanks son. Bella and Haidar : hooray Diti : yay. i proud of you THE END .