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Braydon Nicastro

Mrs. Granville

Period 5

11 November 2016

Food Safety Across the World

Food safety in America and across the entire world and why America’s is the best out of

them all. Food safety needs to be talked about because there are certain people and countries

finding loopholes through the system on like how long certain things should be cooked or frozen

for. Then they also can be sneaky with certain things like having meats and wings and such

above the vegetables. This is one of the bigger reasons why America has the best food safety in

the entire world. They also try to make sure every foodborne illness is kept and stopped right

where it’s found. Food safety is the reason why America is number one since they are so careful

with everything they do. In other countries that do not follow the rules like they do here in

America, if it wasn't for the food and safety rules so many more people would be sick and even

die from food poisoning or foodborne illnesses.

Foodborne illnesses have started to become a serious issue around the globe in the food

industry. Mad cow disease has become the biggest epidemic of all the diseases but there's still a

few that stand out but mad cow disease is the worst. Mad cow disease it can help us discover

more cures and antibiotics to stop mad cow disease from spreading to other cows. Then if certain

people are not careful with gloves or hands you could spread that disease to other foods and ruin

them and he would also have to throw it away and start over. Salmonella is the worst type of

. There can also be chemical which is a poisonous substance that occurs naturally or added during the food handling. fish. seafood. sanitizers. When it comes to physical hazards this usually happens because of unsafe food handling practices or accidental contamination. The germs that mostly cause the foodborne illnesses include: parasites. which include small objects within food that can cause harm or injury.Some of the chemicals could include hand soaps. If you do not realize that someone did it you might end up getting a whole bunch of other people sick. viruses and bacteria. Nicastro 2 foodborne illness you could get since it’s a bacteria that’s usually on raw chicken or meat. There are also so many different hazards in food safety. When food isn't cooked to the proper temperature so many people can get sick and even dies especially if their immune system can't fight the infection. Some concerns for occurrence of foodborne diseases are harmful impacts on the human immune system. Sometimes when he is working with a broiler and if he accidently dropped something into it and end up ruining it. There can also be biological hazards which are germs that can not be seen by the naked eye and can only be seen by using a microscope. Some food hazards can be physical. eggs and dairy products. poultry. Most of the time someone can recover from salmonella without treatment but if it starts to get severe someone will need to go to a doctor. cleaners. Some of the potentially hazardous foods include: meat. People can also get sick from foodborne illness because of what they eat can have harmful chemicals or germs inside of the food if it's not cooked to the proper temperature. Salmonella can give anyone diarrhea and that causes anyone to become dehydrated and if he is not drinking enough water you could end up dying from dehydration.

When it comes to foodborne illnesses. Lastly. people who are older than 65 years old. and immune compromised people which could include cancer. stuffed foods or stuffing. It is also used to kill off certain cells and bacteria. If foods are cross contaminated then they end up ruining all the other foods around that they have touched. beef and pork are to be cooked at 145 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds. They need to make sure that he are wearing gloves and not touching the food with your bare hands. He needs to make sure that he always washing his hands anytime he touches the food and then start working on other food because he does not want to cross contaminate. and casseroles should be cooked at 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds. Also one big thing is making sure that he wash or rinse and sanitize all the equipment that is used for food preparation. fish. They can really make people sick when they cross contaminate the food. pregnant women. or other conditions. Hamburgers and sausages should be cooked to 155 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds. there are a certain few who are susceptible. Any hot vegetables they should be cooked to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. AIDS. Certain foods that need to be cooked to a certain temperature. He should not be working with food if you are sick because it can get on the food and the people could also get sick from that. that it was found 72 hours after dosing that rat and that it slowly destroys the inside of the rat. Eggs. Poultry. Then it will have foods that are consumed everyday get into a batch of non food and that can ruin the whole batch of that food. Nicastro 3 There are also some main steps to keep you and your food safe when cooking. It does not hurt you and it tastes sweet when you eaten. It was investigated in male and female Fisher rats. Cinnamyl hyde is a certain type of chemical that is used to keep food safe. . They include children younger than 5 years old.

beef. Store meat with a higher temperature when cooking (like chicken) below meat with the lower cooking temperature (like fish). Sometimes. Prepare raw meats or foods in an area away from the other foods. Nicastro 4 Some rules to follow when trying to prevent cross contamination would be washing your hands after handling raw meats. Concerns for foodborne illnesses end up raising of something like this happens within the food safety. When they are making something and he could drop the toxin into it contaminate the food. Seed sprouts such as alfalfa sprouts. Store raw meats below other foods in fridge or surfaces that touch the raw food or meat. Colorants to show when some of the food is going bad. Wash and sanitize all food. The Food and Drug Administration approved this. Man made petroleum and this help changes colors. you can't stop them from getting into the food. They can also use dates to make sure that the food is not outdated. shellfish. One big thing is pests getting into the food. When the food starts to change colors that means the food is going bad which helps them know when to get rid of the food and not serve it to people. The degree of exposing ochratoxin is something in a naturally contaminated feed. Use a separate cutting board for each raw meat that you are using. This can cause a big problem when you are working within a restaurant because you have pests in the building you can be shut down for having them there and that they can't open again until the problem is taking . There are certain foods that are prepared and can not be served undercooked which includes fish. There approving the food activities and fixing everything. but this is when you need to call someone to come in and spray your building for pests. There are also some packaged juices that are not labeled “pasteurized”. Then they take certain substances to test them. chicken or pork. eggs.

he should always know how the food is prepared because of food allergies. and to waitstaff. because they are always giving people drinks and making sure that there is no bare hand contact to people cups or beer mugs when they are serving them . department also oversees the safety which includes all of the food and safety rules that comes along with your business. they can shut down for up to a week until the problem is fixed and then they come back and check. Day care centers also have their own food and safety rules just because they are feeding other people's children. each one has its own food and safety rules. They make sure that you are following all the rules are in compliance with the food safety rules. They really need to understand the food allergies of children and make sure they don't cross contaminate when they are handling the children's food. you need to make sure food is up to temperature before you serve and make sure they are wearing gloves and using utensils when preparing the food for the customer. thawing and cooling of the different food items. If someone calls and complains of pests being in the building. This could make people really sick if this should happen to a person. As much as people probably don't realize. If there is a problem. the health inspector comes in and checks to see what is going on in your restaurant. The U. They are the only ones who can reopen your restaurant. when taking the dirty dishes away they should never be put on or around where the food is being prepared and served to people. Also. There are also different temperatures for different items which include cold handling. cold salads. There are some many things and temperatures that need to be followed when it comes to the food and safety rules. Even bartenders have their own food and safety outline which is found to be interesting. Nicastro 5 care of. When it comes to food safety in different restaurants or daycare centers.S.

Nicastro 6 drinks. . Food safety is the best in America since they can make sure not as many foodborne illnesses come across unlike other countries. Even people at home when preparing food for their families they should make sure that they are not cross contaminating thier foods so that they don't make their families sick. Food safety is the best in America because of how we treat everything so carefully and pay attention to some of the smaller things. And this is why food safety is best in America.

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