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Kennedy Martin


AVID 1; Period 1

24 April 2017

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is the idea that women and men are not equal due to unequal treatment

or perceptions of individuals wholly or partly due to their gender. Gender inequality is created by

differences in socially constructed gender roles. The idea of gender inequality is not a new idea

as it was introduced by Abigail Adams when her husband John was writing the constitution. In

the twentieth century gender inequalities are most influenced by economy and culture when it

comes to gender propaganda and social normalities.

Economy influences gender inequality in some of the most basic ways, and is missed by

most people because of its well hidden properties. One of the most prominent ways that this is

shown is through commercials. The commercials by Swiffer show stereotypical gender roles and

discrimination. This can be shown in the Swiffer Bissell Steamboost advertisement when they

show a woman imitating Rosie the Riveter as the average housewife with the cleaning product.

By showing the female character as a housewife they are insidiously stating that women belong

in the house instead of the working field even though she resembles Rosie. If women are

influenced by propaganda that shows them as traditional roles they are more likely to act similar

to them because they are swayed to believe that that is how they should be. Also, Playtex uses

this type of advertisement to show how even women discriminate themselves in order for the

company to support their product placement. This can be show when the commercial asks grown

women and young boys to run like a girl and throw like a girl, then ask young girls to do the

same actions. The young girls havent been as exposed to or experienced as much gender

inequality because they dont see themselves as any different than the boys their age.Lastly, an

advertisement from Carls Jr. depicts a woman wearing a bathing suit and eating a burger. This

shows that men only see women as sexual objects. The gender stereotypes are implemented by

retailers because the more sexual they seem the more the companies will make. Gender

inequalities may be hidden, but they are definitely exhibited in different forms of commercials

produced by famous and well known companies such as Nike. No matter if we realize it or not

gender inequality is being controlled by advertisement and propaganda.

Additionally, gender inequality is influenced by culture in distinct manners. The article,

Culture and Religion Should Not Justify Gender Inequality, by Comfort Mabuza shows how

genders are discriminated against in cultures other than american by stating, Men on the other

hand do not face the same customary constraints. For instance, the current Prime Minister

Sibusiso Dlamini lost his wife last year and he was only required to stay home and away from

public office for just over one month. This shows that men had a shorter mourning period

compared to women. By showing this the Swazis are promoting the idea that men and women

are not equal and therefore should not be treated equally. Also according to The Gender Equality

Debate by Bill OReilly of Fox News gender inequality doesnt exist. The debate shows this by

stating, the so called pay gap between men and women really isnt a bad thing because if the

ladies start making more money than the guys, they would have a hard time finding suitable

mates or something the implication being that women like to marry successful men. This

presents the idea that culture is trying to keep women lesser to men. Women work just as hard or

harder and still make less than men because culture says it is acceptable for them to get married

to someone who is smarter than themselves.

In conclusion, no matter if people say that gender inequality doesnt exist, it does. Men

and women are discriminated against because of things that happen in culture and society. Men

believe that they are better than women in the workplace and stronger when it comes to

mourning the loss of their spouse. While women are seen as sexual beings and told that they are