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Calnev Pipeline rupture leads to deaths, injuries and damages

Arielle Dukofsky April 23, 2017

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. At approximately 8:11 a.m., an explosion was triggered by a

ruptured pipeline in the neighborhood bounded by Duffy Street and Highland Avenue.

According to Fire Department spokesman, Paul Allaire, two unidentified people have died in a
home on Duffy Street. One body was determined to be a man, and the other body was burned
beyond recognition. Allaire says firefighters are still searching for a third victim in the home.

Hospital officials say seven burn victims have been admitted to San Bernardino County Medical
Center with their conditions unknown.

Gregory Garcia, spokesperson for the mayor, said that 700 people have been evacuated to the
Red Cross evacuation center, located in the Corps Center at 3753 Kerry St. According to Red
Cross worker, Theresa Schroder, two vans and a bus are being used for the evacuation.

Bill Stewart, an insurance agent who was visiting a client at the time of the explosion, described
what he saw on the scene.

We were sitting at the table and we heard this loud noise, and it just started getting bigger, I ran
to the window and looked out and could see nothing but smoke; then we both hit the floor, said
Stewart. We waited for it to blow over, but it didn't go away.

Stewart said that smoke began rolling into the home as soon as his client opened the door, and
that everything outside was burning.

Miretta Brumlow, student at San Bernardino Valley College and resident near the site of the
explosion, was still wearing her night gown while at the first aid center set up on Macy Street.

I felt my whole house shake. I thought it was an earthquake, said Brumlow.

When Brumlow saw the fire outside of her home, she immediately ran to the bedroom to get her
daughter and grandson outside as quickly as possible.

At the time of the explosion, Brumlow was supposed to be at class, but was afraid to leave her
children at home. Brumlow explained that she hasn't attended school since the derailment of a
freight train that occurred in the area about two weeks ago.

Since the rupture occurred in the exact spot as the railroad disaster, there has been speculation

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that the rupture had been set off by the damages resulting from this incident, leading to the

Prior to the explosion, City Attorney Jim Penman said he had been assured by experts that the
derailment would not lead to any danger in the area. It is unclear whether the experts had
overlooked something in their examination of the scene, or if the cause of the rupture is
unrelated. The cause of the explosion is unknown at this time.

Calnev Pipeline is a 550-mile buried refined oil products pipeline, owned by Kidner Morgan
Energy Partners. The pipeline is responsible for carrying fuel from Los Angeles, California
refineries as far as Nellis Air Force Base south of North Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is not the first time the Calnev Pipeline has ruptured. On December 22, 1980 the pipeline
spilled between 50,000 and 100,000 gallons of jet fuel over the course of two hours. Prior
construction in the area was suspected of damaging the pipeline, leading to its rupture. It is
currently unknown whether the cause of the two events are related.

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