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Shelton 1

Caylie Shelton

Ms. Sanchez

ERWC; Period 1

10 October 2016

Unreliable targeting

Racial profiling exists each and every day and continuously targets individuals based on

their race, ethnicity, and religion. It alienates individuals and unfortunately degrades their self

worth which causes havoc throughout America. Nowadays, law enforcement agents are directing

their investigations on irrelevant allegations which is completely wrong. Racial profiling should

be illegal because it is an unreliable way of identifying criminals, it creates division throughout

America, and violates the 4th amendment by randomly using the stop and search method.

The constant unreliable way of identifying criminals is shown throughout many cases

with racial profiling which is not necessary. African Americans and Muslims are being

unlawfully accused of crime because law enforcement is essentially criticizing them for

economic factors such as lower education, employment and poverty (Pitt). Since one cannot

simply target someone based on their economic factors in America it fully demonstrates how

unreliable the task of color profiling really is. Law enforcement officers are using the strategy of

assumption when focusing on an individual which is irrational since it is unjust to act on

someone of a different race, ethnicity or religion. According to the Huffington Post, Several

studies show that police officers perceive young black boys as violent and older than they

actually are which is completely based on the perception the officer has from the color of their

skin. (Olsen). Instead of understanding the background of these boys, officers are strictly

perceiving them and categorizing them with always causing mischief even if they have not even
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acted on a crime. The color profiling that these police officers demonstrated is unreliable,

therefore, it does not display any true evidence to target them any further.

Because of the continuous unjust actions towards minorities, it creates a division

throughout America. The division between African Americans and Whites is constantly shown

through the Ferguson trial when comparing the gaps between blacks and whites involv[ing]

their levels of confidence in police (Drake). The White people showed a significant higher level

of confidence compared to African Americans which is solely based on the fact that African

Americans are constantly getting targeted based on their skin color where as white citizens are

not being accused. Since police and people of higher power are creating these divisions and

forcing them to seem fair, it relays over to the citizens and causes social unrest between the two.

Also, because of the poor treatment that minorities endure it creates negative emotions like

anger and frustration [which] are generated by things like discrimination (Pitt). Because

minorities are singled out it completely isolates them into feelings of confusion, while white

people gladly keep the pressure off of themselves. This enables minorities to detach themselves

from America and therefore, creates a division in society.

Racial profiling violates the 4th amendment throughout the stop and search method

which is unnecessary in the world today. As reported by the US Patriot Act, it is morally

problematic for law enforcement officers to stop and search anyone without probable cause of a

crime, misdemeanor or other violations of law that they are aware of (Corlett). With that said,

law enforcement officers are not allowed to stop and search a citizen unless there is a substantial

reason, not just because of their race, ethnicity or religion. Rather than targeting minorities and

making assumptions based on the color of their skin, officers should be forced to not react in a

negative way that insists on instantly searching them.

Shelton 3

Because of the reliable way of identifying criminals, it creates division throughout

America and it violates the 4th amendment, which perfectly represents why racial profiling is not

necessary. Racial profiling is counterproductive and irrational when trying to identify a suspect

because it is purely based on the color of their skin and not the actions of their behavior. Law

enforcement officers position and task is to create a safe environment for American citizens,

however, that can be accomplished by not solely targeting a certain race, ethnicity or religion.