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Lee High School

What important roles do producers play in the music industry?

Producings importance

Javier Chaires

Senior Capstone

B. Cahoon

13 April 2017
Chaires 1

Without producers hip-hop and rap would not exist. Producers play a huge role in the

music industry. They are important because they are the ones who not only make the beats

to the song, but also work with the artist and help critique the song by giving advice on how

it could be better or what the artist could change. They also motivate the artist to do well

and some even write the songs the artist sings or raps. Producers are just as important as

the artist to a song, unfortunately they do not get enough credit for what they do.

Producers are the glue that holds the hip-hop/rap genre together. Not just hip-hop music is

made with the help of producers, many other genres of music such as rock, and pop songs are

created with the help of producers as well. Producers are extremely important in the music


Producers role in the music industry are extremely important. Without producers one of

the most popular genres of music, hip-hop would not be a thing. If there were no producers to

make the beats to songs an entire genre of music would not exist. Producers are also important

because they help by working with the artist to critique their work, give the artist advice on what

they can do to make the song better. The producer, is involved with the track or album from

start to finish. They exchange ideas with the artists, often compose the beat, mix and master the

track, and are generally the ones steering the process from beginning to end. (Raine, Michael

2013) Advice can be extremely useful to an artist, and can be the difference between having a

popular song that ends up on the billboard top one hundred list and having a mediocre song.

Producers help create some of the most popular music today. Producing is a form of art and

should be perceived by everyone as that.

Chaires 2

Unfortunately producers do not get nearly enough credit they deserve. They can create

music by putting individual less than a second sounds such as drums, snares, claps, kicks, etc

together. Which is something not everybody has the patience, time, or skill to do. Producers

work very hard. Some projects can take days, weeks, even months to create. Producers can take

this long to make a beat and scrap it and start over if it is not to their or the artists liking. It is

also an aesthetics that underlies one of the most influential and popular musics in the world

today: hip-hop. (Katz, Mark 2005) Without producers there would be no rappers, which means

no rap/hip-hop music. Huge famous well known rappers such as Tupac, Nas, and Biggie would

have never been a thing if producers were not there to make beats for them and help with the

making of their songs/albums. In conclusion producers work extremely hard and are just as

important in the music industry as the artist who raps or sings the song are.

Every producer has a different work ethic and approach to doing their job. No two

producers are the same. Some have different techniques and styles they use to make a beat, some

prefer to work with people that only make a certain genre of music, but they all help with the

making of music. Producers are very important in the music industry, they help to motivate artist

to do well. By giving advice on what the artist can or should do can help the artist to become a

better artist. A good producer knows about music theory(the study of practices and possibilities

of music) and can work well with pretty much any artist as long as they are familiar with their

genre of music. It is important for them because if they do not know about it or can not work

with different people they most likely will not be good at producing, and nobody is going to want

a bad producer to help with their music. Producers are a huge part of the reason a song becomes

popular and can end up on the billboards top one hundred list.
Chaires 3

Producers play a huge important role in the music industry by making beats, working

with the artist to critique things, and to give advice and motivate an artist to become better.

Without producers a lot of music genres would not exist such as hip-hop, rock, and pop. They

work hard and have a very well knowledge of music and do not receive as much credit as they

should. The entire rap/hip-hop music genre would not be a thing without producers which would

mean possibly some of your favorite artists and songs would have never been a thing. Producers

are the glue that holds the hip-hop/rap genre together. Producers are just as important to the

music industry as the actual artist singing or rapping the song are.
Chaires 4

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