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Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (​see UDL Guidelines​

Multiple Means of Representation Multiple Means of Expression Multiple Means of Engagement
Options for Perception Options for action/interaction Options for recruiting interest

-We will offer alternatives for visual -We will allow students to move -We will optimize relevance by
information by showing a video on around the room during the connecting what students learn to
the process of legally entering the simulation. (Economics Lesson) what they already know about
United States. (Civics Lesson 2)
immigration. (Introduction

-Students will be drawn into the
lesson with a prediction activity
(History Lesson)

-We are optimizing relevance by
discussing immigration through a
current events lens. (Civics

-We are asking students to think
about their own culture and apply
the concept to their lives (Culture

-We will optimize relevance by
connecting what students learned
to what they already knew about
the immigration process. (Civics
Lesson 2)

Options for Language/Symbols Options for Expression Options for Sustaining Effort &
-We will support decoding of text -We will use an interactive map,
through the discussion of the story. show a video, and have students fill -We will allow students to work
(Introduction Lesson) out a worksheet. (Geography with partners to organize push
Lesson) and pull factors and to explore
the interactive map of the United
-Students will label a map of the
-We are using graphs and maps to States. (Geography Lesson)
state of Michigan with the
highlight important information.
information they are learning about
(History Lesson) -We are encouraging
immigration in the past and how it
collaboration by allowing
relates to the present (History
students on the same side to
work together before debating.
(Civics Lesson)
-We are clarifying previously taught
vocabulary through oral review.
-We will foster collaboration and
(Civics Lesson)
community as students work
through the simulation.
-We are going to have students

come up with ideas of what culture (Economics Lesson) is. (Introduction Lesson) -Students will reflect through -We will support students as they completing the exit ticket. and then we will give the students a definition to clarify the -We will foster collaboration and meaning. (Civics Lesson) -Students will reflect on what -We will help students express the they have learned through an exit pattern between apple production ticket at the end of the class. (Introduction (Introduction Lesson) that to what they learn through the Lesson) story. (Culture Lesson) community by having students work together on a sample -We will clarify vocabulary by citizenship test. (Civics Lesson) pull factors. (Culture Lesson) on what it would be like for them knowledge on immigration that we to move to a new place with a have helped the students with new culture (Culture Lesson) previously. think about immigration and tie with the whole class. plan together with those in their (History Lesson) -We will activate students’ group before the debate. (Geography Lesson) manage resources and decide self reflect through the voting which information is relevant to process and through their exit -We are going to activate students’ their debate. (Civics Lesson 2) . and workers available (Economics (Civics Lesson 2) Lesson) -We will activate background knowledge by making a brainstormed list of what students already know about the process of obtaining a visa. (Civics Lesson 2) Options for Comprehension Options for Executive Function Options for Self Regulation -We will activate background -We will facilitate managing -Students will reflect on what knowledge by having students information by having students first they have learned through an exit brainstorm what they currently discuss with a partner and then ticket at the end of the class. (Civics Lesson) ticket on how their views background knowledge of push and changed. (History Lesson) -We will support students as they try to think about what culture -We are having students reflect -We are activating background means for them. We will background knowledge of push and also help facilitate as students -We are encouraging students to pull factors. (Civics Lesson 2) writing definitions on the board.