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GMOs- Foods current event

This article I found is called “ Genetically Modified Crops: A Success

Story, or Not?” In this article it talks about whether genetically modified

foods were a success or not. The main topics are there's more to it than

just increases in crop yields and lower pesticides on crops, how genetically

modification isn't really being successful, and how for one farmer

genetically modified cotton worked for his plantation. This caught my

attention because in the research from part 4, it talks about what

genetically modified foods/crops were but not if they were really a success.

This article had its pros and cons. Its cons were that there is a lot

more to genetically modified crops than just insect resistance and crop

yields. Also how it hasn't been reducing pesticide use or producing more

crops which is the main reason for genetically modified crops. The pros are

that one farmer that uses genetically modified cotton is a success. It beats

bollworm and increased his family's yields. That is a con too because it

worked on a crop just not a food crop. After reading this article, I've learned

that genetically modifying works just not on foods yet.

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