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Officer Corps

The officer corps is selected and trained to support the Best Buddies chapter at their school and
support the mission in action. Officers should uphold Best Buddies expectations and serve as a role
model for their chapter. Officers must be matched in a one to one friendship and are expected to
meet regularly to plan meetings, communicate goals and challenges, and support the mission on
their campus. The officer team should be developed to meet the needs of the chapter; any position
that helps promote growth and sustainability for the chapter is encouraged, though most chapter
officer corps consists of a vice president, buddy director, secretary and treasurer. For high school
and college chapters, all chapter officer positions detailed below must be filled by members of the
chapter for the full academic year. Middle school chapters are only required to have a buddy director
in addition to the chapter president (CP).

Students interested in officer positions may submit an officer application on Best Buddies
Online (BBO). Additional positions may be created to suit the needs of your chapter (e.g.
historian, photographer, etc.). The chapter president will be interviewed and selected by Best
Buddies staff to serve in their role. The remaining officer corps positions will be selected by the
chapter president based on applications, interviews, and feedback from Best Buddies staff.
Best Buddies retains the right to remove or reassign any leader from their position should
expectations fail to be met or if replacement of leaders is in the best interest of the chapter.

If the officer corps is not in place by the time of the organizational meeting, advertise open
positions at the meeting. In addition to regular chapter meetings, officers should meet at least
monthly (many chapter officer corps meet every other week) to discuss and plan chapter
membership, activities, and fundraising.

Chapter President
Who can be a chapter officer?

To be eligible to be an officer of a school friendship chapter, you must:

Be an approved member of a Best Buddies chapter

Be in good standing with the school or agency administration
Be matched in a one-to-one friendship
Agree to attend the Best Buddies local leadership training day (if offered in your area)
Vice president (VP)
Vice President
The VP organizes, supervises, and documents all chapter activities. The VP is also responsible for
overseeing all BBI program initiatives like Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day and the Spread the Word
to End the Word campaign. Members interested in filling the VP position should have the ability to
organize large chapter activities and work with the entire chapter for the success of the activities.

A vice presidents responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Updating the chapter calendar in the chapter portal on BBO

Planning and supervising group outings, including fundraising activities

Delegating tasks and appointing committees to help plan activities when necessary

Keeping accurate information about member attendance and committee participation for all
group activities

Working with chapter members, campus and local community to engage them in Best Buddies
program initiatives throughout the year

Planning at least one community service project each year.

Buddy director (BD)

The BD is a person with IDD who represents the buddies of the chapter. The BD ensures that
the buddies participate fully in one-to-one matches and chapter outings and also assists officers
with various tasks. BDs should have good leadership and organizational skills.

A buddy directors responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Speaking at organizational meetings

Assisting the CP with running the chapter as needed

Distributing chapter rosters and schedules to buddies

Communicating with the CP and HSC/SEA throughout the year regarding the progress and
quality of one-to-one matches

Representing the buddies at chapter meetings to bring up any issues or concerns

The secretary ensures all members participate fully and is responsible for monitoring the one-
to-one friendships through the monthly friendship updates on BBO. Members interested in
being the secretary should be highly organized and willing to hold all chapter members
accountable and support their friendships.

A secretarys responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Prepare the chapter roster and update as needed on BBO and share with the FA and HSC/SEA.

Maintain regular communication with HSC/SEA to monitor matches progress.

Help matches resolve problems with assistance from CP and HSC/SEA as necessary.

Enter membership applications into BBO for those members who may not have computer access.

Assist with forms/resources on BBO: chapter roster, friendship updates, chapter acts reports,
mid year report, and end year report.

Keep attendance at all officer/chapter meetings and group activities. Record the minutes at all
meetings and write brief descriptions of all group activities.

The treasurer of a chapter prepares the chapter budget and works with the chapter officers to
monitor financial resources. Members interested in being the treasurer should be detail oriented
and capable of overseeing the chapter bank account.

A treasurers responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Working to raise a minimum of $350 for chapter dues

Working with the CP and advisors to prepare the chapters financial reports and chapter budget

Keeping financial records in accordance with school policies and procedures

Meeting with the VP to ensure chapter activities are funded, and if applicable, assisting
the VP in appointing a fundraising committee

Working with the VP to manage chapter fundraising activities, including the sale of Best
Buddies merchandise. Attending all treasury meetings required by the school administration
Documents chapter meetings, activities and the development of one-to-one friendships
through photos and videos.

Take photos of buddy pairs at matching party and other chapter activities throughout the
Work with social media coordinator to highlight outstanding members and activities on
the chapters Facebook page and BBO chapter portal.
Assist CP with developing the State Outstanding Chapter application by creating videos
and/or scrapbooks of chapter activities throughout the year.

Social media coordinator

Oversees the day-to-day execution of social media campaigns; tasks include daily
maintenance, community engagement/conversation, and monitoring of chapters social
media online presence.

Help launch and manage social media presences for chapter on Facebook, Twitter, and
other relevant social media/collaboration sites.
Research and identify bloggers (chapter officers, buddy pairs, etc.) and develop
schedule for posting updates on sites.
Maintain active Facebook profile and Twitter feed, encouraging all chapter members to
like and follow on these sites.
Get connected to the local Best Buddies office and Best Buddies Internationals
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account

** Best Buddies International reserves the right to revoke membership and/or leadership roles
from our programs for any reason, at any time. All approved Best Buddies chapter members
and leaders are expected to adhere to the Member Code of Conduct. **

As______________________ of Best Buddies here at DBHS. I will attend all duties of

my position all year long. By signing below I agree to all requirements and rules of my
position and understand that they can change based on the needs of the club and I will
attend all meeting 2X a month
Officer signature Date