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Observation Task 5: Literacy Software /Web based Programs

Focus: Identify types of literacy software / web based programs used in the classroom

Objective: To encourage student teachers to use various literacy software / web based programs
in the classroom which support the development of early childhood literacy skills

Procedure: Familiarize yourself with the Observation Table: Documenting Computer Software /
Web based Programs. Describe how each program / website that was used in the classroom
supports the current unit of study, the ADEC curriculum, and multiple bits of intelligence

Table 5: Documenting Computer Software / Web based Programs (Example)

Software Title Age Links to the ADEC Curriculum Links to Multiple Bits of Comments
Range Intelligence
4 years The Hot Potatoes suite includes Verbal-Linguistic It is not open-source. The Java
to any six applications, enabling you to Intelligence version provides all the
age create interactive multiple- features found in the
above choice, short-answer, jumbled- Logical-Mathematical windows version, except: you
sentence, crossword, Intelligence can't upload to
matching/ordering and gap-fill and you can't
Hot potato exercises for the World Wide Interpersonal export a SCORM object from
Web. Hot Potatoes is freeware, Intelligence Java Hot Potatoes.
and you may use it for any
purpose or project you like. Visual-Spatial
Navigating pathways
through a range of
computer screens

Reflections on Observation Task 5: Literacy Software / Web based Programs

1. Were there any literacy s oftware / web bas ed programs us ed in the

clas s room? If there were, s elect (a); if there were not, s elect (b).

a) What did early childhood literacy s kills the s oftware/web bas ed

programs addres s ?

b) Provide at least two (2) literacy / web based programs that the teacher can
use to help assist her students in developing their early literacy skills.

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