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Appreciation & Protection of Wildlife & All Forms of Life / Global Warming /

Responsible Universal Environment

Effective Conservation of Our Natural Resources & Establishment of an Healthy

Ecological Balance

It is useful and important indeed to promote and spread the message regarding the
Importance and Appreciation of Life and the Wonderful assets that it has bestowed
upon us and the Creative Abilities that we have been very fortunately endowed with
as well as to pursue and adopt an careful utilization of our Natural Resources /
Conservation of an Healthy Ecological Balance, whereby each and every resource is
carefully and meaningfully utilized to compliment each and every structure of our
most precious asset, Life and its Wonderful Moments consistently.

Life in All Its Splendor / Its Magnificence / Its Grandeur:-

The above appreciation and importance pertains to Life in all its splendid form,
of Each and Every Living Being as well as Animals, Creatures, Mammals, Reptiles
and all basically Each and Every form of Life deserves to Life and are entitled to
Live since Nature has provided us with so many wonderful resources that are
adequate to provide us with a healthy sustenance without having to seek the
exploitation of wild life, creatures, animals, mammals, reptiles and every form of
life, whether this may be for sport or otherwise.

The element of time essentially emphasizes the primary objective of the focal
vision should be consistently aimed towards enhancing the scope of this wonderful
life and to invest each and every moment meaningfully and constructively for the
benefit and progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People as well as
all the Wonderful forms of life that are all around us.

The more good we impart the more the resources we are equipped with, Nature is
aware of all that is going on and provides us and further equips us with the
ability and proficiency in further investing for the Goodwill and Progress of our
Wonderful Universe and its Inhabitants consistently, provided of course that the
initiatives / actions and objectives are explicitly intended for absolute
preservations / conservation and protection from a justifiable angle.

Every action, no matter how small or how large, irrespective of its stature or
magnitude has a very big impact and the impact resonates for time to time and
keeps on resonating despite request for it to resonate moderately.

This in other words means that once a certain action might be taken, it starts off
an avalanche and this crescendo keeps on gathering momentum and keeps on
accelerating the pace of the intended velocity with such a speed that it becomes
difficult to understand the reason or logic behind the happenings.

Conserve & Protect:-

This is also why it is mentioned, to conserve / to protect.

Conservation / Connotation Expounded:-

Conserve would pertain to conservation of natural resources and maintaining a
healthy ecological balance.
Protection Definition In These Contexts:-
Protect would pertain to protection of all forms of life including creatures,
mammals or animals, reptiles, basically all forms of Life across This Wonderful
Universe we are so Fortunate to be a part of.

In various instances, these living beings do not seek sanctuary or protectiveness
but this instance develops only when they are being captured or slain for no
logical reason, where no matter what logic may prevail, to pursue the creatures,
the animals, the mammals, the reptiles and all forms of species where they are
dwelling happily amongst their own without creating any interference to Nature,
they deserve every right to continue to reside with Joy where they are and not to
be hunted down or stalked with a continual fear that creates an environment of
fear amongst them.

They rightfully deserve to live and enjoy this wonderful Life, this precious Life,
this fortunate Life, this Life of abundance of Joy, Peace, Happiness, Fortune,
Prosperity, Progress, Aspiration, Adventure, Ambition, Intelligence, Creativity,
Harmony, Love and many more wonderful attributes that all of us have so
fortunately been endowed with and are being continually bestowed with, with each
and every Moment seeking to provide us with only the very Best that Life has to
provide and offer each and every step of the wonderful and miraculous steps of
life defined and referred to as Moments.

Each and Every moment that is constructively invested in attending towards one's
endeavors Responsibly, with Due Diligence and Prudent Acumen, Observance of
Regulations provides us so many enterprising and interesting moments further ahead
provided of course that each step taken is measured and calculated with calibrated
precision and of course the highest element of Awareness and Responsibility,
Responsibility and continually Responsibility.

Conservative Approach / Permitting Creatures, Animals, Mammals, Reptiles and all

Forms of Species to Reside Happily In Their Habitations Consistently:-
Similarly, if opportunities to refrain from venturing towards wandering or
venturing into the enclave / the habitation of the creatures, the animals, the
mammals, the reptiles and all forms of species could be adopted, whereby they are
able to harmoniously live amongst their own with Joy since they do not seek more
than the privilege to live and they do not have demands or needs and wants, they
apparently take good care of themselves and earn their livelihood by capably
taking appropriate care of themselves, however when there is any intrusion
detected amongst their domain, this creates the highest level of alert and fear,
whereby they are consistently venturing towards protecting and saving their
precious Life, for it is the Right to Live, the Privilege to Live, to be able to
Live freely amongst their own is all they actually seek, they do not wish their
habitation / their domain to be encroached upon or pursued with the objective of
continually only safeguarding their precious Life, in short they do not wish to be
hunted whether for sport or otherwise, they obviously deserve and merit to live
this wonderful Life without any hindrance or any intrusion into their domain,
whether this might be deliberate or inadvertent.

This topic's agenda consistently seeks attention since several decades whereby the
wonderful gift of Life is consistently accorded the predominant precedence for
permitting creatures, animals, mammals, reptiles and all forms of species to dwell
in their habitations without fear, since if in various instances it were to be
reflected upon, all of them are apparently happy in their own domains, they do not
venture out of their habitation seeking sustenance or need for their appetites or
need for any sport or adventure / or need for trespassing or venturing into other
domains and disrupting any life style; as well as neither do they embark upon any
endeavor that might create harm or fear deliberately and they do posses certain
intellectual abilities to defend themselves from any wrong actions such as hunting
or other such sport that might be directed towards inflicting them with
detrimental situations whereby they endeavor to defend themselves precariously
since the extent to which they are pursued is unimaginable and could be envisaged
as a cruel act which cannot be considered and permissible under any contexts or
instances whatsoever, "But" what happens to those creatures, animals, mammals,
reptiles and all forms of species "Who might not be able to defend themselves?"

This question prevails, consistently prevails with question mark after question
mark consistently seeking the kind attention, the emphasis, the focal vision that
should be adopted towards ensuring that they are provided the wonderful
opportunity to life since Life is Excellent and will continue to be so always for

Thought or Deed:-
Whether in thought or Whether in deed, every step taken matters and that is why
when the steps / the tiny blocks that are perceived in the *logo reflect an
endless quest / a pursuit for making a difference continually keep ongoing / an
ongoing process which is focused upon Appreciation and Protection of Life,
Wildlife and All forms of Life as well as Conservation of an Healthy Ecological
Balance, whereby resources are carefully and meaningfully utilized to compliment
each and every structure of our most precious asset, Life and its Wonderful
Moments consistently.

Remarks / Articulation of Thoughts / Views Expressed is a Very Brief Prelude /

Compliment Each and Every Moment of Life with a token of Appreciation and more
Appreciation consistently, Life is indeed Wonderful, Life is The Greatest Miracle,
Life is Excellent!:-
The above is a very brief prelude associated with the captioned topic since this
incorporates various other structures, various other platforms, various other
agendas, various other objectives, various other priorities and strategies,
however all of them seek towards providing and complimenting each and every Moment
of Life with a token of Appreciation and more Appreciation consistently, Life is
indeed Wonderful, Life is The Greatest Miracle, Life is Excellent!

Summarization / Key
The key to most of the aspects being:-

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* Protectiveness
* Conservation
* Due Diligence
* Logic
* Prudent Acumen & Wisdom
* Careful Utilization of Natural Resources effectively
* Practical Rationalization / Acknowledging Limitations and Endeavoring to
make the Best and Optimal use of the abundant resources that are already available
with each and every one us consistently
* Recognizing, Being Responsible & Taking Measured Meaningful Steps with
Calibrated Precision / Remember that is a Life, Many Precious Life's that are
being protectively saved and provided the wonderful opportunity to "Live"
* "The Wonderful Opportunity and Privilege to Live", This is after all the
Greatest Gift that The Animals, Mammals, Creatures, Reptiles and All Forms of
Wildlife are innocently seeking, they do not mean harm until they are hunted,
captured, snared or drawn into a trap that cruelly takes away their precious Life,
What a Terrible Tragedy and What an Unforgivable act? An action that reflects
cruelty could be turned around completely and transformed into an action of
Compassion, an action of Love, an action of Hope, an Justified Action whereby The
Animals, Mammals, Creatures, Reptiles and All Forms of Wildlife are permitted to
dwell in their respective habitations and domiciles without any external
interference please.
* The above key points are a very brief prelude and the actual realization and
experience cannot be expressed in the few words alone for it is a very cruel and
painful action and extremely more painful and cruel when the beautiful lives of
the innocent Animals, Mammals, Creatures, Reptiles and All Forms of Wildlife are
cruelly snatched away, it is absolutely terrible and could never be justified from
any pretext or supposition unless in self defence or in danger where one is caught
in such a situation that is detrimental to one's safety and appropriate action is
taken to prevent danger to one's own self and associates.
* However the precipitating factor / the stimulation / the provocation when
started from one's own self to venture into the habitation / the domicile of The
Animals, Mammals, Creatures, Reptiles and All Forms of Wildlife and to instigate
them or frighten / scare / trap them would obviously result into contradictory
situations which could apparently result in repercussive ramifications to the
concerned entity that might be venturing towards instituting or implementing such
a action that is causing such set of factors to evolve.
* Majority of the Animals, Mammals, Creatures, Reptiles and All Forms of
Wildlife wish to Live peacefully along with their own without having to flee or
hide, without having to escape and safeguard their Life consistently, alas, what a
cruel act when they are pursued with snares / traps and are hunted, this is
amongst the most cruel acts that need to be re evaluated and approached
differently whereby the The Animals, Mammals, Creatures, Reptiles and All Forms of
Wildlife could be provided either Protection or left to dwell in their Habitations
/ Domiciles without any Interference that trespasses whether for sport or
otherwise, no cause associated with trespassing is justified unless there is a
ethical / moral and scientific or valid factors that may necessitate the presence
of certain entities to venture into their territory to provide assistance, aid,
succor, relief or an added element of protection as might be essentially
applicable or called for.
* Summarizing the above, amongst the Most Crucial Issues and Factors that
assume predominant precedence and the most significant stature are the factors
associated with "Conservation of Natural Resources", an effective control that is
able to carefully utilize the wonderful resources we have available and to utilize
these appropriately to ensure their prevalence for our Future Generations
* Once an educated approach that measures each step that has been adopted is
taken and becomes customary / conventional, this puts into place effective
measures that could be a good habit whereby the conservation of Natural Resources
and steps taken in such directions would come about effortlessly and spontaneously
for The Wonderful Benefit and Progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful
People always.

* With reference to the logo being referred to, its hyper link is being duly
appended herewith and the attributable factor associated with its essence is
described herewith.

*Logo / (Hyperlink)

The logo featured onto the left hand side of the web page I have re designed with
emphasis on the essence of Life and the main / primary objective being to remember
that we are indeed amongst the very most fortunate and luckiest of all, the very
wealthiest and industrious, the most intelligent and creative, the most loving and
caring, the most thoughtful and peaceful, the most well endowed and bestowed with
every gift and ability and that it is our privilege to ensure that we could play
our individual roles in contributing our efforts towards conservation and
protection of all forms of life as well as maintaining the ecological balance by
conserving utilization of the resources beyond compare that Nature has and is
continually providing us with, every moment.

The logo featured is specifically intended for the cause of conservation and
protection and hope it will be useful for any purpose that might be able to
protect all forms of life and enable conservation of an healthy ecological balance
which even includes global warming whereby responsible measures are taken to
effectively handle and manage this with calibrated precision and structurally
across all facets and structures of every part of our environment please.

Life is the Canvas upon which its Wonderful Moments are precariously featured and
archived with brush strokes of Appreciation, Gratefulness for all we have so
fortunately endowed and are being bestowed with Moment by Moment, the repository
which stores along with them wonders upon wonders that are occurring each and
every Moment all around us, We might seek Luck when Luck virtually accompanies and
seeks our attention consistently, since we have and are being abundantly gifted
with amongst the most precious and valued assets and abilities, such as
acknowledging and appreciating with immense gratitude that:-

We are:-

The Very Most Healthiest,

The Very Most Luckiest,
The Very Most Wealthiest,
The Very Most Enterprising,
The Very Most Intelligent,
The Very Most Proficient,
The Very Most Creative,
The Very Most Loving,
The Very Most Caring,
The Very Most Humble & Compassionate,
The Very Most Thoughtful,
The Very Most Interesting,
The Very Most Professional,
The Very Most Wise replete with Wisdom,
The Very Most Talented,
The Very Most Aspiring,
The Very Most Ambitious,
The Very Most Cherishing Nature,
Absolutely The Very Most Very Best of Everything is Ours and we are continually
being provided an accolade of wonderful opportunities and privileges Moment by
Wonderful Moment

Life is indeed The Greatest and Most Wonderful,

One of The Precious Assets of Life Are its Moments,

Life in Time, Time in Life...............

Life always provides us with the wonderful treasure called Time,

Time always rewards us with the wonderful moments called Life,

Life teaches us to Value Time, Time teaches us to Value Life,

Life and Time are amongst the most Wonderful Virtues and Assets, which are
Incomparable and of Immense Value that is Priceless,

Life & Time have and will always provide us With Bountiful Treasures, Moment by

The Treasures of The Ability to "Be Aware" / to "Be Able to Independently

Function" / to "Recognize the Value of each Moment" / to "Appreciate Life & Time"
thankfully for all the wonderful treasures that each and every one of us have been
provided with,

Life & Time, when "Appreciated" and "Carefully Calibrated" with Precision, rewards
the intelligent and creative utilization of these wonderful virtues consistently,

Life and Time holds the very Best for each and every one of us if we continue our
endeavors for the Benefit of This Wonderful Universe and Its Wonderful People,

Life & Time are the Jewels that each and every one of us have been fortunately
bestowed with,Let us Value each and every Moment of this Wonderful Adventure,

Life compliments Time, Time compliments Life,

Special Moments come once in a Life Time which capture the Wonders and provides us
with Treasures that enrich the Priceless Value of Each Moment of "Life" & "Time"
called Miracles,

Life is a Miracle,Time is a Miracle,

Life is Wonderful, Time is Wonderful,

Life is a Treasure, Time is a Treasure,

There is a Lifetime in each Moment of Life,

There is a Time life in each Moment of Time,

Life & Time rewards those who learn to "Recognize and Appreciate" its intrinsic
One Time in Life, One Life in Time,

In Life, In Time; Each One of Us have come to this Wonderful Universe to serve its
Wonderful People, to strive to Achieve Excellence in each endeavor for the Mutual
Benefit of One and All,

Life in Time, Time in Life..............., It is Always Excellent and Always Gets


Each Moment is Wonderful and Priceless,

(Although there is a slight deviation from the captioned topic, the essential
factor remains that Protection of all Forms and Appreciation of Life is Primary
along with an effective Conservation of Natural Resources consistently)

Appreciate Life, Achieve Excellence!

Life is Excellent!

We have been Provided with amongst "The Very Finest Of Things That Life Has To

We have to Appreciate with Gratitude, the Precious Moments that Life Bestows us
With, Each Day, Moment by Moment.

By Appreciating Life, We are Achieving Excellence; We are truly Reciprocating the

Excellent Virtues that we have been Endowed with, and Utilizing these for The
Meaningful Benefit and
Constructive Progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People.

Appreciation & Gratitude,

Health & Happiness,

Peace & Love,

Prosperity & Progress,

Awareness & Responsibility,

Joy & Harmony,

Essence of Time,

Compassion & Humility,

Appreciation & Gratitude,

Wisdom & A Continual Quest and Aspiration for Knowledge,

Fill your World with Excellence in each "Thought" and "Endeavor" for Universal
Meaningful Benefit & Constructive Progress

Best Wishes,
Vashi Chandi