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CAUCE AAA ARTA ‘This instrument prepared by: May Ll seo INSTR 20070114896 13800 Montfort Drive, OR BK @9123 PG 4246 PES=1 Dallas, TX 75240 NARTHA 0. HAYNIE, COMPTROLLER Property Appraisers Pare! Identification Number: 1-23-29-8320-05209 ORANGE COUNTY, a2/e1/eee? oe: REC FEE 10,68 ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE; Pace. KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: FL 3 PH That MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SIDESTEPS, INC, AS NOMINEE FOR AMERCIA'S WHOLESALE LENDER, party of the fist par, in consideration of the sum of $10.00 and other valuable considerations, received ffom of on behalf of BANK OF NEW YORK AS TRUSTEE FOR THE CERTIFICATEHOLDERS CWMBS, INC. CIIL. MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH TRUST. 200S-HYB 4MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2005-HYB4, pay of he second part, a or before the ensealing and delivery ofthese present, the receipt whereof i hereby acknowledged, does hereby grant, bargain, sel. assign, transfer and set over unt the said ary ofthe second para certain morgage bearing the date May 26,2005, executed by Bojan Kosmer A Single Man, in favor of MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SIDESTEPS, INC, AS NOMINEE FOR AMERCIA'S WHOLESALE LENDER, and recorded in Official Records Book 8013, Page 3843, Public Records of Orange County, State of Florida, upon the following described pice or parce of lan, situate and being in seid County and State, o-ri: Unit 5209, Phase 5, SUMMERGATE, A Condominium, According To The Declaration Of Condominium Thereof As Recorded In Official Records Book 6254, Page 6, Public Records Of Orange County, Florida, Together With An Undivided Interest Or Share In The Common Elements Appurtenant Thereto, And Any Amendments Thereto, ‘Together withthe note or obligation described in said morgage, andthe monies due and to become dve thereon, ‘TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the suid party of the second part, its heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns forever. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The ssid corporation has caused these presents tobe executed in its name, and its corporate seal to be hereunto affixed by its proper ollcers thereunto duly authorized, this ti” AD. 2007, (Corporate Sealy MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION STEPS, INC._AS NOMINEE FOR AMERCIA'S Prin ame: Tile " MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SIDESTEPS, INC. ‘OR AMERCIA'S WHOLESALE LENDER, a corporation organized and existing under and by vitae othe United States of America, named as party of the st part in the foregoing inser ad thatthe) acknowledged executing the same inthe presence of wo subseribng winesesfely and voluntarily undet ort duly vested in them by said corporation, and that The sel ated thereto the tre corporat eal Of a ‘poration, ‘WITNESS my hand and oficial seal in the County and State last aforesaid thi ay of ‘AD. 2007 , ‘pee T2 007 ae fig ety ip pee users Printed Name My Commission Expires: axa 246350 Book9123/Page4246_ CFN#20070114896 Page 1 of 1